Dear Boy,

I trust you and Elle are well. I need to borrow your massive brain.

Last night a random bunch of folders disappeared from my iMac. Oddly, they simultaneously disappeared from all three BUs: HDD bootable clone, Time Machine and BackBlaze. TM and BB are automated so that would explain why they are gone. But the HDD I manually BU with CCC!

Where do I proceed from here? Suggestions?

Had a great time chatting about the expected lifespans of hardware and software with Chuck, Charles, and Ken.
RT @MacVoices
On @MacVoices #20129: 'How Long Should Tech Last' with @cedge318 (Charles Edge), @macosken (Ken Ray), and @ttscoff (Brett Terpstra) (Part 1)

Can I make my Apple TV screensaver just always be the jellyfish?

Was thinking of changing my nom de plume to Matt Pilates. Whacha think?

Brett, looking forward to hearing of ing Yoga for Nerds. Because of my health issues, I suffer from some of the same maladies. I do some Yoga but mainly there's my chiropractor, working out with my trainer, reflexology, and meditation. Have lots of questions.

Hope all is well.

Still a few months away from Macstock. Make sure to get your tickets and learn at the feet of @ttscoff

Getting back into piano... baby steps, so obviously I'm playing Home Sweet Home — which is inextricably linked to in my mind ever since Hot Tub Time Machine. This one's for Rob.

I accidentally archived this and I don't know how to undo it. So I'm posting again. Technology baffles me because I'm 40 now.

@ttscoff Downloaded WeCroak. What a hoot! Although I must admit, even with my dark sense of humor, it occasionally throws me for a loop. You survived Antartica's visit?

Well, another MON come and gone. So that's MY humpday outta the way.On to the rest of the week.

First they want 15-20" of snow. Then they want no snow. Then they want 3" of snow. I WANT ALL SNOW!

What I needed for 2019. Another social media platform. Will give it a bash.

Pitching talks for I do hope you're coming this year!


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