Was thinking of changing my nom de plume to Matt Pilates. Whacha think?

Brett, looking forward to hearing of ing Yoga for Nerds. Because of my health issues, I suffer from some of the same maladies. I do some Yoga but mainly there's my chiropractor, working out with my trainer, reflexology, and meditation. Have lots of questions.

Hope all is well.

Still a few months away from Macstock. Make sure to get your tickets and learn at the feet of @ttscoff

Getting back into piano... baby steps, so obviously I'm playing Home Sweet Home — which is inextricably linked to @robcorddry@twitter.com in my mind ever since Hot Tub Time Machine. This one's for Rob.

I accidentally archived this and I don't know how to undo it. So I'm posting again. Technology baffles me because I'm 40 now.

@ttscoff Downloaded WeCroak. What a hoot! Although I must admit, even with my dark sense of humor, it occasionally throws me for a loop. You survived Antartica's visit?

Well, another MON come and gone. So that's MY humpday outta the way.On to the rest of the week.

First they want 15-20" of snow. Then they want no snow. Then they want 3" of snow. I WANT ALL SNOW!

What I needed for 2019. Another social media platform. Will give it a bash.

Pitching talks for @macstockexpo@twitter.com. I do hope you're coming this year!


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