My home network router showed upload to internet at maximum.. Traced it to a Samsung phone, took a look through the phone setting and found Google Voice & Audio Activity turned on. Turned it off (it only allows you to pause it) and upload stopped. I noticed the battery on the phone was going down fast over the last 2 days as well. Seems Google was listening to everything the phone could hear, even when the phone was not in use. Now I need to check all the other phones in the household.

Was looking in my spam folder for a test email I sent, and found an Axis-of-Easy email in there. I added it to my contacts so hopefully will not happen again. But got me thinking, someone else probably marked it as spam, so Google now treats the emails as spam. That gives a lot of power to end users who want to interfere with legitimate email by tagging them as spam, and then letting Google do the dirty work.

When I click on a YouTube video I expect to see a video (moving picture show) not a slide show.

GM plant closing in Oshawa. Union says its going to fight the closure. How they going to do that? It's not a public service. It's just a company.


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