👉easyDNS announces DKIM support on all easyMail accounts
👉DHS proposes expansion of biometric data for immigrants
👉AxisOfEasy Salon #21: The boys are back in town

👉WordPress File Manager plugin bug exposes millions of sites to compromise
👉Aussie cops arrest and cuff pregnant woman in her home for Facebook post
👉AoE Salon #20: Brenna Smith and the role of Bitcoin once nation states embrace digital currencies

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I had such a great time chatting with @stuntpope & @jessehirsh earlier this week. Take a listen if you also like nerding out about crypto and its geopolitical implications. 🤓 twitter.com/axisofeasy/status/

👉Blame Canada: Centurylink outage cascades across major internet providers👉Epic Games ignites developer rebellion in Apple and Google app stores👉Minds.com CEO & The Knotted Web AofE #161 Podcast edition: 🔊🎧 axisofeasy.com/podcast/161-bla axisofeasy.com/aoe/axisofeasy-

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