👉Trigger Alert: I went on Steve Bannon’s show to talk Transhumanism (yes, really)
👉Merkel: Everyone agreed that we need a digital vaccination certificate
👉Widely used Node.js package has code injection vulnerability... and more in Axis of Easy #185 axisofeasy.com/aoe/axisofeasy-

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A surprisingly enlightened discussion of materialism and consciousness on Steve Bannon's show. Canada's Mark Jeftovic leads the discussion.rumble.com/ve703n-transhumanis

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File under things I didn't see coming 24 hours ago:

This morning at 11:30am ET, I will be live on Steve Bannon's Warroom to talk about transhumanism. Yes, really.

👉Facebook de-platforms Australia
👉Silver Sparrow malware contains hooks for macOS
👉The Bloomberg piece on Supermicro refuted by security analysts... and more in Axis of Easy # 184 axisofeasy.com/aoe/axisofeasy-

👉Supermicro hacked for years, supply chain compromised by China
👉Typosquatting package names to penetrate companies
👉New phishing attack encodes malicious URLs in Morse code... and more in Axis of Easy #183

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Can a tweet be successful without dunking on someone or something? Can media platforms like Clubhouse be considered social when they're inherently elitist and exclusive? Can language remain shared when our experience of reality is inherently subjective and increasingly insular?

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