👉Drupal deploys emergency fix for critical vulnerability
👉PHP8 is here already
👉AxisOfEasy Salon #32: Demetri Kofinas of Hidden Forces.. and more in Axis of Easy #174

👉Hackers target crypto exchanges via their registrar
👉Vatican cries foul after pontiff “likes” racy pic on Instagram
👉AxisOfEasy Salon #31: The Covid Episode

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Heritage Minister @s_guilbeault told House of Commons that Bill C-10 doesn’t apply to news. That’s incorrect. My latest Broadcasting Act Blunder post unpacks why sites focusing on video news or podcast networks would be subject to regulation. michaelgeist.ca/2020/11/the-br

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I think in the fullness of time, having a at treasury can only be bullish for (and )

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The latest homoglyph attack domain against users (live now) is xn--ledge-mcb{.}com, being redirected via 3 intermediary domains, including ledger-live{.}io

(If anybody knows somebody at @Ledger, have them hit up @stuntpope on how we can help.)


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