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How have things changed in the intervening five years? Searches for potato chips still supreme, while interest in Internet has declined to that of fart jokes, sometimes running below it.... 2/2

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Facebook reminded me that 5 years ago I posted a google trends graph showing search volume for "internet privacy" as compared to "fart jokes" and "potato chips". Chips won hands down, with interest in internet privacy a little above fart jokes.... 1/2

Are we in a global cyberwar and we just haven't gotten the memo yet? That's one of the topics we cover in this week's salon 43

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Is the still going?
Want to prevent it from happening again?

You need: multiple DNS providers.
You need: nameserver failover.
You need: High Availability DNS


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The highlights the points made in the perennial article we wrote about this over a decade ago

There is a magic bullet for staying up when your DNS vendor goes down, and we provide the tools and systems to do it.


👉New BIND vulnerabilities
👉iOS 14.5 comes with new privacy alert pop-ups
👉Google’s contact tracing app has privacy flaws...this and more in Axis of Easy #194 axisofeasy.com/aoe/axisofeasy-

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This morning's Tech Insights delves into an internet mystery - Why did an unknown company suddenly take control of the Pentagon's IP address space to become the largest owner of this internet infrastructure in the world? with @stuntpope anchor.fm/techinsights/episode

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The @NDP announces it will be voting to put Bill C-10 on hold, pending a Charter of Rights of Freedoms review. ndp.ca/news/ndp-statement-bill

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Check out a ONE HOUR discussion on this topic with this week's podcast guest @stuntpope

It was an honor to finally speak to this man, and I'm glad to share it with you now :)


LISTEN: open.spotify.com/show/4FUqTAFw

READ: bradleywerrell.com/podcast-lib

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Why the Government's Secret Forthcoming Bill C-10 Amendment Confirms Its Plans to Regulate User Generated Content michaelgeist.ca/2021/04/ugcame

👉Another Yet Another Chrome Zero-Day
👉Bad auditing software sent UK postal workers to prison
👉USPO running cyber-surveillance operation on social media posts. This and more in this week's Axis of Easy #193 axisofeasy.com/aoe/axisofeasy-

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This is why I donate monthly to the @JCCFCanada. If you're a Canadian who values your civil liberties, step up to the plate now and help out any way you can. twitter.com/StuntPope/status/1

👉Facebook’s ad system lets companies spin both directions
👉Big Tech’s fingerprints all over new privacy laws in US
👉Amazon is trying to strongarm Ecobee into sharing user data... this and more in Axis of Easy #192

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@elonmusk It's one thing to tweet about it. We're doing it.
$DOGE is now an accepted payment method at easyDNS.


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