👉Hackers Exploited Atlassian Confluence Bug to Deploy
👉Ukraine Shutters Major Russian Bot Farm Investment Fraud Drench European Investors
👉Meta being sued: US hospitals data-tracking tool that allegedly ended up disclosing patient information ... https:/axisofeasy.com/258

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The "Fake Twitter Handle" problem can finally be solved, thanks to ... - a non-proprietary solution with a proof-of-concept Chrome extension.


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Using underscore scoping can not only simplify addressing in the emerging and spaces, you can even solve the "fake twitter handle" problem as well.

easyDNS CEO @stuntpope explains in his debut article in @BitcoinMagazine


👉Verified Twitter Vulnerability Exposes Data from 5.4 Million Accounts
👉NameCheap Defi Customers attacked
👉Apple has settled the Butterfly Keyboard case for $50 million... this and more in Axis of Easy axisofeasy.com/256

👉CRTC Chair Confirms Bill C-11 Can Be Used To Pressure Internet Platforms to Manipulate Algorithms
👉The Chinese surveillance state encounters resistance
👉Federal agencies warned healthcare organisations about North Korean ransomware attacks … axisofeasy.com/255

👉Apple Debuts Lockdown Mode to Prevent State-Sponsored Spying
👉Canada is censoring us and bill c-11 will make it worse
👉Canada wide Rogers outage ... this and more in axisofeasy.com/254

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Our core services are unaffected by the nationwide Rogers outage.

Couple of peripheral issues (mainly 2FA to users using their mobile devices on Rogers)


👉Ending Freedom of the Press, Speech, and Expression: The Main Goal of Big Corporations
👉Massive DDoS Attacks: Killnet Group Targeted Lithuania Government Institutions
👉Netflix Crashes After ‘Stranger Things 4’ Finale Release... this and more in axisofeasy.com/253

👉The TikTok Tapes: China accessed US user data
👉Scammers Can Steal Your Selfies for NSFW purposes on Instagram
👉Navigating Bitcoin’s Noise Parts 1 & 2 with Kane McGukin and guest Mark Jeftovic ... this and more in axisofeasy.com/252

👉Facebook Messenger Scam: Millions Deceived
👉Traveling Restrictions are Ending, but Cybercriminals are Taking Advantage of It
👉Matthew Gatrel, Downthem Boss Goes to Prison... this and more in axisofeasy.com/251

👉Attacking 5G via network slices: A new emerging threat
👉New Linux Malware ‘Nearly Impossible to Detect’
👉Anonymous hacktivists leaks 1TB of data from Russian law firm Rustam Kurmaev and Partners... this and more in axisofeasy.com/250

👉FBI issues Warning About Donations for Ukrainian Charities
👉YODA: Malicious WordPress Plugins Installed in Over 24,000 Sites
👉Unreasonably Suspicious: The Reason Ottawa Wants to Check Your Phone at The Border ... this and more in axisofeasy.com/249

👉A Crypto Hack is More Than a Niche Issue; It Impacts Society As a Whole
👉Vulnerability in Premium WordPress Themes Causes Site takeover
👉WEF: Certain Human Rights Will Need to be “Recalibrated” – by Mark E. Jeftovic ... this and more in axisofeasy.com/248

👉Democratic senators call on the FTC to investigate ID. me over selfie data
👉Cybergang threatens to topple Costa Rica’s government with a ransomware attack
👉Hackers from North Korea pretend to be IT employees in the US ... this and more in axisofeasy.com/247

👉DEA law enforcement data breach under investigation
👉Ransomware attack to close US college after 157 years
👉Malicious NPM packages are attacking German companies ...this and more in axisofeasy.com/246

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If you thought the "bankruptcy disclosures" were bad, just wait until you see the "bail-in" rules your own government put in place already...


👉The British government calls for stronger mobile app protections
👉Ukraine is using facial recognition as a weapon of war
👉Citizens should be told government tracks their movements, says Canada’s ethics committee ... this and more in axisofeasy.com/245

👉Reviews of Xi Jinping’s book have been removed from Amazon on Beijing orders
👉Ukraine is battling against state-sponsored cyberattacks
👉Goldbackdoor malware is used against journalists by nation-state hackers...this and more in axisofeasy.com/244

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