👉DEA law enforcement data breach under investigation
👉Ransomware attack to close US college after 157 years
👉Malicious NPM packages are attacking German companies ...this and more in axisofeasy.com/246

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If you thought the "bankruptcy disclosures" were bad, just wait until you see the "bail-in" rules your own government put in place already...


👉The British government calls for stronger mobile app protections
👉Ukraine is using facial recognition as a weapon of war
👉Citizens should be told government tracks their movements, says Canada’s ethics committee ... this and more in axisofeasy.com/245

👉Reviews of Xi Jinping’s book have been removed from Amazon on Beijing orders
👉Ukraine is battling against state-sponsored cyberattacks
👉Goldbackdoor malware is used against journalists by nation-state hackers...this and more in axisofeasy.com/244

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Introducing CHAPPS: the Caching, Highly-Available Postfix Policy Service. Released as open source.

This is what the dev-ops team uses to manage various quotas and policies for outbound mail across innumerable client domains.


👉NSO Group seeks sovereign immunity from the US Supreme Court
👉GitHub announces two security vulnerabilities in its local versions
👉Shanghai residents find creative ways to challenge Chinese censorship...this and more in axisofeasy.com/243

👉The Government of Finland has been attacked with cyberattacks
👉Ukrainian Power Grid targeted by Russian hacker using Industroyer2 malware
👉U.S. government network was crawling with LockBit ransomware for months...this and more in axisofeasy.com/242

👉New SpringShell vulnerability targets nearly a fifth of global organizations
👉How to secure your digital privacy and security with this curated checklist
👉It is happening: CashApp breach... this and more in axisofeasy.com/241

👉The LAPSUS$ group compromised IT firm Globant and released 70 GB of data
👉Anonymous hacking group leaks 112 GB of data from two Russian industrial firms
👉Apple and Meta unknowingly provided hackers with customer data...this and more in axisofeasy.com/240

👉The Canadian government paid over $600,000 to influencers to praise their work 👉Lapsus$ may have accessed Okta’s customer information 👉Skyhigh Security: McAfee Enterprise’s new name for its security edge business..this and more in Axis of Easy #239 axisofeasy.com/239

👉There is an online underground meth market hidden in plain sight
👉Governmental sites in Israel are attacked in possible Iranian retaliation
👉Files deleted by famous package to protest Ukraine war ...this and more in Axis of Easy #238

👉Chinese hackers have compromised U.S. state government networks
👉Ukrainians, European allies targeted by Russian hackers
👉Argentinian eCommerce giant MercadoLibre confirms a data breach involving source code... this and more in axisofeasy.com/237

👉Hackers stole employee and internal data from Nvidia
👉Researchers found Daxin, the ‘most advanced’ backdoor ever deployed by Chinese threat actors
👉Hackers used the Ukrainian military server and impersonated NATO email...this and more in axisofeasy.com/236

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Several people have forwarded me this today. Perhaps a mini-thread on the Imminent Death of Predicted™ is in order.... 👇 1/ twitter.com/antispoof/status/1

👉Hackers steal $1.7M worth of NFTs from OpenSea users
👉Hacker group Anonymous declares “cyberwar” against Russia
👉Cyberthreat known as ‘Ice Phishing’ targets Web3 and decentralized networks, Microsoft warns...this and more in axisofeasy.com/235

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