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FWIW. I'm going on the record in calling "bullshit" on the Canadian Immunization Registry "leak" making rounds tonight.

Please people. Don't embarrass yourselves.

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How to Avoid a Deplatform Attack and why Cancel Culture May Be More Avoidable than You May Think with Mark Jeftovic

Listen to it here: bit.ly/30gBEeL

Episode also available on Apple Podcast: apple.co/30PvU9C

👉Stop What You’re Doing: Apple iOS Edition,
👉Akamai DNS outage craters huge chunk of internet,
👉Researchers inject malware into artificial neurons … this and more in our weekly Axis of Easy #206

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Now that governments are deciding to inspect your private communications for "misinformation", it seems like a good time to remind everyone that you've been able to GPG encrypt your email forwarding here since 2013.

👉Canada’s new “Guiding Principles” for Internet are “Creepily Totalitarian”
👉Another SolarWinds type supply chain hack as Kaseya discloses breach
👉Microsoft researchers find Netgear router vulnerability... this and much more in Axis of Easy #203 axisofeasy.com/aoe/axisofeasy-

👉Unplug your Western Digital MyBook Storage Drive Immediately,
👉WHO stealth edits recommendation to not vaccinate children,
👉MailChimp suspends Babylon Bee… this and more in Axis of Easy # 202

👉Google’s FLOC already being gamed by adtech companies
👉Bill C-10 hits rock bottom for Canadian democracy
👉Vaccine passports come to Manitoba, “no jab = no phone“ in Pakistan...this and more in Axis of Easy # 200

👉Ransomware hits world’s largest meat packer
👉Trudeau government reviving Bell’s “Fair Play” site blocking
👉CTRC issues wholesale broadband decision that everybody hates... this and more in Axis of Easy # 198 axisofeasy.com/aoe/axisofeasy-

👉Android apps leak data vs misconfigured cloud backends
👉Personal security app plans private security response
👉Belarus blogger and journalist snatched off of hijacked plane ... this and more in this week's Axis of Easy # 197 axisofeasy.com/aoe/axisofeasy-

👉DarkSide Ransomware group shuts down after cyber counter-attack
👉Amazon devices will form mesh networks in your neighbourhood
👉25% of Tor exit relays spying on users....this and more in this week's Axis of Easy # 196

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How have things changed in the intervening five years? Searches for potato chips still supreme, while interest in Internet has declined to that of fart jokes, sometimes running below it.... 2/2

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Facebook reminded me that 5 years ago I posted a google trends graph showing search volume for "internet privacy" as compared to "fart jokes" and "potato chips". Chips won hands down, with interest in internet privacy a little above fart jokes.... 1/2

👉New BIND vulnerabilities
👉iOS 14.5 comes with new privacy alert pop-ups
👉Google’s contact tracing app has privacy flaws...this and more in Axis of Easy #194 axisofeasy.com/aoe/axisofeasy-

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Why the Government's Secret Forthcoming Bill C-10 Amendment Confirms Its Plans to Regulate User Generated Content michaelgeist.ca/2021/04/ugcame

👉Another Yet Another Chrome Zero-Day
👉Bad auditing software sent UK postal workers to prison
👉USPO running cyber-surveillance operation on social media posts. This and more in this week's Axis of Easy #193 axisofeasy.com/aoe/axisofeasy-

👉2019 Facebook data leaks 500 million accounts into the wild
👉White House to punt immunity passports to the private sector
👉Microsoft Azure goes down nationally with DNS outage.. and more in this week's Axis of Easy #190

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