👉The DC government was provided with billions of location records
👉DDoS attacks increased more than expected in Q3, reaching thousands per day
👉7 million Robinhood users’ emails are being sold on a forum by hackers...this and more in Axis of Easy #221 axisofeasy.com/aoe/axisofeasy-

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FWIW. I'm going on the record in calling "bullshit" on the Canadian Immunization Registry "leak" making rounds tonight.

Please people. Don't embarrass yourselves.

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@timothydenton talking with Pamela Wallin. and the Online Harms act are "Creepily Totalitarian" and moves speech to that which is permitted by the government.

"Something you would expect out of Russia, or Turkey"

👉Who will control the metaverse when it arrives?
👉Despite the G7 deal, Canada plans to tax tech giants as planned
👉Report: Palestinian activists’ phones hacked with controversial NSO Group tech... this and more in Axis of Easy #220

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How to Avoid a Deplatform Attack and why Cancel Culture May Be More Avoidable than You May Think with Mark Jeftovic

Listen to it here: bit.ly/30gBEeL

Episode also available on Apple Podcast: apple.co/30PvU9C

👉Europol arrests hackers,
👉New Hive malware variants now encrypt Linux and free BSD systems,
👉The US offers 10 million as a reward for information…this and more in Axis of Easy # 219

Transhumanism Special on the War Room airing tomorrow. (just recorded)

Steve Bannon, Patrick Wood, @jamespoulos , Mark Jeftovic ( @stuntpope ), and I discuss the rise of techno-fetishism.

The picture is dark, but the conclusion is human.

Tune in!

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This is a "Learning in Public" thread for corporate stakers: companies that want to stake their stashes into ... here we go👇


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Folks, somebody posted an older article of mine to Hackernews and I think one or two more upvotes would put it on the front page, help me out here....


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Enthused to see moving toward its own . As a career guy who has been following ENS since nearly beginning, and who has been integrating with ENS from the legacy side, I'm humbly putting my hat in as a delegate....

👉New software flaw affects literally everything,
👉The book burnings shall resume until moral purity prevails,
👉Facebook changes its company name to Meta…this and more in Axis of Easy # 218 axisofeasy.com/aoe/axisofeasy-

👉Brave browser ditches Google👉Several US agencies issued joint cybersecurity advisory about cyber threats to water facilities👉App Sideloading: Apple compares iPhone Security to Android Malware Stats...
this and more in Axis of Easy # 217 axisofeasy.com/aoe/axisofeasy-

Well, this is rather interesting....
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🔒"google has a secret deal with facebook called "Jedi Blue" that they knew was so illegal that it has a whole section describing how they'll cover for each other if anyone finds out
- google appears to have a team called gTrade that is wholly dedicated to ad market manipulation"

👉'GoFundMe’ takes down $180,000 fundraiser for violating their anti-misinformation policy
👉Microsoft shutting down LinkedIn in China
👉AirPods could be used as health devices by AppleElsewhere online... this and more in this week's Axis of Easy #216

👉Two Chrome 0-days being exploited in the wild – update now
👉Facebook experiences global outage as whistleblower revealed
👉Former Canadian PM to advise surveillance tech company...this and more in Axis of Easy #214 axisofeasy.com/aoe/axisofeasy-

👉Canadian military ran psyops against on population during pandemic
👉Ongoing DDoS attack against Canadian VoIP Provider
👉Autodiscover bug in Microsoft Outlook reveals passwords en masse...this and more in Axis of Easy # 213

👉The Lancet publishes stunning rebuke to Wuhan lab origin denialists
👉Facebook: We’re all equal, but some are more equal than others
👉Instagram is toxic to teenage girls and Facebook knew it...this and more in Axis of Easy #212

👉NPR decries the evils of Free Speech, Taibbi responds
👉“Reputation” companies use fake DMCA requests to deplatform critics
👉The Taliban now possesses Afghan biometric databases... this and more in Axis of Easy #211

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