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👉FTC refiles anti-trust case against Facebook
👉Alex Berenson permanently banned from Twitter over Israeli vaccine study
👉Free Thought Project: We traded our Freedoms for safety from Covid, and got neither... this and more in Axis of Easy #210

👉Breach of the Year? T-Mobile hack exposes PII of 54M users
👉Accenture hit with ransomware, attackers demand $50M
👉Maple Leafs new hire lasts about 30 seconds thanks to Twitter...this and more in Axis of Easy # 209

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Interview with The Policy Blog's John Lillywhite about the dynamics between platforms and protocols, Central Bank Digital Currencies and cryptos, and centralization vs decentralization.

👉Facebook wants to datamine encrypted data without breaking the encryption
👉Apple will start scanning your phone for child pr0n
👉Apple remote workers facing in-home surveillance cameras...this and more in Axis of Easy #208

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Happy Day to the crew. A significant milestone.

Heart congrats from the first registrar to accept ETH and the only place in the legacy DNS world where you can link your domains to

👉South Africa awards world’s first patent that lists an AI as inventor
👉Exiled citizens behind .IO want their TLD (and nation) back
👉Crypto regulation gets tucked-in to infrastructure bill...this and more in this week's Axis of Easy #207

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Mini-thread on how hybrid phishing, phone-hooking, malware infecting campaigns look these days: 👇

👉Stop What You’re Doing: Apple iOS Edition,
👉Akamai DNS outage craters huge chunk of internet,
👉Researchers inject malware into artificial neurons … this and more in our weekly Axis of Easy #206

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Remember folks, DNS outages can and will happen to us all. You can safeguard against this by using failover at the nameserver level, like our Proactive Nameservers....

👉Cloudflare CDN.js bug introduced critical vulnerability to websites
👉The US government flags COVID misinfo for Facebook
👉Trading Big Tech shares while regulating them has made Nancy Pelosi $ 70,000,000 USD… this and more in Axis of Easy #205

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Now that governments are deciding to inspect your private communications for "misinformation", it seems like a good time to remind everyone that you've been able to GPG encrypt your email forwarding here since 2013.

👉Canada’s C-36 “hate speech” bill provides for pre-crime
👉Cuba shuts down Internet as mass protests erupt in the streets
👉White House wants social media and SMS carriers to police “misinformation” in text message

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We're happy to report that linking for .XYZ domains has been reenabled. More TLDs coming soon.

After a bit of a hiatus, we're back on Salon 44 with Max Borders..
"We call it 'Satyagraha' They call it 'sedition'"
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