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👉Google Chrome announces the first Zero-Day of the year
👉Several eCommerce stores running outdated software hit by MageCart Attacks
👉European Data Protection Supervisor calls for an end to Pegasus spyware...this and more in

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🔐 Security PSA for New Counter Party Wallets Holders:

You should only ever enter your 12 word passphrase in a wallet that you trust and is verified to not send the data to the server. I see in the future phishing scams as the pattern with MM is connect wallet... con't

👉Russian Hackers impersonate the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
👉DHS warns against mistrust of the US government in the latest terror bulletin
👉OilRig hackers develop new backdoor in ‘Out to Sea’ Espionage Campaign...this and more in

👉GoFundMe shuts down Trucker Convoy fundraise
👉Hacker takes down North Korea’s internet while watching the Alien saga in pajamas
👉Microsoft and Amazon executives warn of China’s AI threat while growing AI hubs in the country...this and more in

👉The Great Google Rug Pull
👉Dangerous banking Trojan discovered on 2FA Google Play App
👉UKG Hack disrupt payrolls for thousands of healthcare employers... this and more in Axis of Easy #231

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The Great Google Rug Pull.... (or, where to move your email now that they're forcing you to think about it)

👉False QR codes can steal your money and passwords
👉FIN8 Group targets U.S Bank with New White Rabbit Ransomware
👉Israel authorities deny illicit police use of NSO Spyware on protesters...this and more in Axis of Easy #230

👉FBI: Hackers impersonated Amazon to deploy ransomware
👉Open-source libraries ‘colors’ and ‘faker’ were corrupted by Dev
👉Germany doesn’t rule out closing Telegram – interior minister...this and more in this week's Axis of Easy 229

👉Norton Crypto: The new crypto-miner of Norton 360 antivirus
👉NY AG notifies threat actors stole 1.1 million customer accounts from 17 well-known firms
👉FTC warns organizations to patch Log4j vulnerability, potential legal action...

👉LastPass VP claims no passwords were compromised
👉Apache’s newly released Log4j version 2.17.1 fixes...
👉Trading platform ONUS refuses to pay a $5 million ransom after being hit by the Log4j hack... this and more in Axis of Easy #227

👉Army of Hackers bolsters the power of North Korea’s Kim Jong Un
👉The CISA, FBI,, NSA, and Global Partners issue a security advisory to prevent Apache Log4j vulnerabilities
👉During lockdowns, Canadian officials tracked 33 million mobile

👉63,000 websites suffer outages as users report issues with the AWS
👉Apple sues NSO Group
👉Threat actors exploit the second Log4j vulnerability as a third flaw is discovered... this and more in Axis of Easy 225!

👉Amazon’s server outage affected Netflix, Disney Plus, and delivery services
👉CIA Director’s statement about cryptocurrency sparks media frenzy
👉Twitter suspends account posting details on Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial.. this and more here:

👉The DC government was provided with billions of location records
👉DDoS attacks increased more than expected in Q3, reaching thousands per day
👉7 million Robinhood users’ emails are being sold on a forum by hackers...this and more in Axis of Easy #221

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