"The next time you get told the price at a drive-thru, say 'So this was all about the money for you.'" -- Zach Weinersmith (SMBC)

The reservoir was draining today. It's a magnificent sight. ·

New video series: "Rock Concert ASMR" "Jackhammer ASMR" "Rocket Launch ASMR"

On disability and unintended, dehumanizing ableism behind some common compliments and advice.

I am not here to inspire you.

@sophia Thanks so much for sharing this. Some things here I'd never thought of, that I'm glad I know now.

holy shit im dying happy #internationalwomensday to anyone who wears programming socks

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J'ai fait un lapin en crochet pour @Morgane_lapine
Il est un peu tordu 😭 mais j'y ai mis tout mon amour

Tuto : youtu.be/3WZw15ihw9U
Pour me soutenir : ko-fi.com/hiraiguille

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@stuntpope Yeah, Tim Bray has been writing on his "Ongoing" blog about why he chose Jag's over Tesla's.

"I have a split personality," said Tom, being frank.

[h/t Dave Thomas]


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