@politique I did not know the Government of Quebec had its own tld. I will have to look into it.

oh gosh, the boss is going to be mad about this one. 🙊


It is not government of Québec, it is Equatorial Guinea's tld. Convenient for Québec, though.

@tricoteur it is a "free" (sub) domain hosted in Montreal from what I can tell.

According to the great wikidpedia, it is know for "shady" operations, so I thought I would inquire.


No longer free, apparently. Gandi.net says the price would be $40.77 to register through them.

It is still Equatorial Guinea's tld; they partnered with Freenom. Maybe Freenom still gives away domain names there.

@tricoteur Yes, Yes, and apparently there is an infinite loop of pros and cons. I am free speech. However, when I spot an entity "appearing" to be some other (unrelated) entity just to swoo users, the line can become blurry. Anyways, my comment was original directed to mstdn.quebec.gq/@politique The avatar was familiar, I just cant remember from where, hmm.


Ah, Politique is a feedbot for Radio Canada, the national broadcaster in French. One I had not know exited. The avatar is created from official elements at ici.radio-canada.ca/politique and the content is probably from the official RSS feed, using RSS2Mastodon or similar script in a completely unofficial rôle.

The instance is, I believe, owned or managed by @manu (who is currently not in Canada if I understand things correctly.)

@tricoteur @manu
Yes, plus Politique is not the only "bot" sporting the logo of "radio-canada". The last time i looked, there was a botnet (if you would allow me to call it that) on mstdn.quebec.gq of unofficial "radio-canada" looking" accounts on. Last time I looked into it, RSS from CBC are only to be used for personal use only. This and the logo use keeps blurring the line. You seem to be strongly defending the use of some other entities reputation for "whatever" agenda you have going.

@onebadbit @manu

No agenda here; I had never heard of this bot prior to your mention of it. I fell on this thread because of the .gq tld, which interested me since I was pretty sure they did not get a national 2-letter tld.

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