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We need freedom of speech, now more than ever. Share & sign this petition before 4:13pm (EDT) this Friday, June 5th, 2020. We can do better than 3495 signatures, with or without traditional media coverage. @JustinTrudeau @stuntpope @MichaelChongMP petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Pet

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MISSING: Chong Myong Chon (Celilea), 64, last seen Sunday, May 31, 2020, at 1:35pm, in the York Mill Road and Leslie Street area, @TPS32Div. Described as 5'3", 145 lbs., shoulder length black hair, last seen wearing a light brown jacket, and bright red scarf. ^CdK

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And Twitter wants to be my fact checker

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This podcast covers a lot of ground about future trends: AxisOfEasy Salon #6: The Hanseatic League of Decentralized Crypto-States (55:44) axisofeasy.com/podcast/salon-6

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By request, we will henceforth be making our Salon transcripts available. Episode 5 is now available on the show notes page:


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Curbside executions are at the discretion of local staff.

The campaign grabbed the .com of @jo4liberty and redirected it to Biden's campaign site. Sad and desperate. Back in 2016 I took a flyer and bought PresidentBiden.com, which now redirects to Joj2020.com. How do you like them apples @JoeBiden?

Joe Biden Just Tried to Sabotage Jo Jorgensen’s Campaign

the domain name Jo4Liberty.com was purchased by someone with the Biden campaign, who immediately redirected it to lead to Biden’s website.


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As we predicted, Youtube HAS deplatformed the latest Michael Moore film, which is why we posted it to AxisOfEasy when it came out:

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