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Episode transcript now up for AoE Salon #16: Adam B. Levine and The No-Man’s Land Where Technology and Reality Intersect
axisofeasy.com/podcast/salon-1 @GamerAndy

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Sorry, we're late in posting a couple of AoE Salon Transcripts: Here is #15: Toxic Tech Platforms and Disposable Social Media Stars

Taking my kid to a rather unique show for her first ever rock concert: at the drive in. Right now.

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When someone tries to lay a guilt trip on you for being successful, remember that your guilt is some politician's license to take what you worked for and give it to someone else who is more likely to vote for the politician who plays Santa Claus with your money.

Even Unicorns get the blues...
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BREAKING: Uber CEO says company will likely shut down service in California after a San Fran. judge ordered Uber to treat their drivers as employees instead of independent contractors - KABC

I present: Marxism in one tweet.
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If my rent money is paying for my landlord's mortgage, shouldn't I be part owner?

I wonder if I just hit on a billion dollar idea.....

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My grandfather is missing. He’s 89 and has dementia. He left the house this morning and was seen getting on a bus on 147th street. He could be in Chicago or the suburbs. Please dm me with any information and pray for his safe return.

We should fetishize gulags and re-education camps instead...
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We shouldn’t fetishize mom and pops. They offer lower wages, skimpier benefits, and inferior labor protections. jacobinmag.com/2018/01/small-b

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The Trump admin. will announce measures shortly against “a broad array” of Chinese-owned software deemed to pose national-security risks, according to @SecPompeo.

Tomorrow's @HiddenForcesPod is all about Pompeo's speech & America's New Cold War w/China.


Nobody panic. We're powering down this instance to take a snapshot ahead of an upgrade

Good riff on The Serenity Prayer...
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A 70-year-old WSJ reader ends his emails with this autosignature:

God grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked, the good fortune to run into the ones that I do, and the eyesight to tell the difference.

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