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👉 cashes in on users' DNA
👉 The app cops use to take your pic and find your name
👉 WeLeakInfo seized by FBI as Dutch cops arrest owners

...and more in 129


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Reality is not what happens to be most real to us at the moment. It is what we perceive in our moments of greatest intensity. - Colin Wilson penguinrandomhouse.com/books/3

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"Why we need a recession" Exhibit 2342342342111556 twitter.com/TechCrunch/status/

I am wondering if Twitter is muting @RudyHavenstein@twitter.com while is on. Not seeing anything from him in my timeline unless I go directly to his profile and look.

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Northwestern UK's B4RN: The World's Fastest Rural Broadband Network, in the latest edition of @metaviews@twitter.com series by @jessehirsh@twitter.com

An EIR at a state funded development bank once described this maneuver to me as “pulling the ladder up behind you”
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Beware any time a company is asking for regulation-- regulation is anti-competitive and hurts smaller players/limits new entrants into the market that don't have the resources to comply / Google CEO calls for regulation of artificial intelligence nypost.com/2020/01/20/g…

I have it on good authority that today is , here is my old band's cover of that venerable song...

The community completely mishandled the @PeterSchiff@twitter.com situation. Well done guys.

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Steve Dangov, 82
- last seen on Jan. 17 at 4 am in the area of Islington Ave and Dixon Rd
- he is described as having grey/white hair, thick moustache, and bushy eyebrows
- he was last seen wearing a blue jacket, black pants, black cap


PSA: and @Postbox@twitter.com both on OSX Catalina. Which also by the way. That is all.

Epic thread.
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gonna to a blog-style open thread here by asking: what is the business in your area that is a transparent front for organised crime

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👉 Stop what you're doing and upgrade Firefox
👉 You are unpaid labour for Silicon Valley
👉 New phishing vector targets persistence, not passwords

...and more, in 128


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New vector spotted in the wild: Send an email accusing target of being a white supremacist. By morning they will have had their account terminated. Wow. Just wow.

I may have to stop the presses to add this screenshot to my forthcoming book

Jeezus that’s diabolical...
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How Russian oligarchs use the UK courts to launder their cash: They set up offshore companies who then sue them as individuals. The cases are then settled, and the "settlement" cash moves offshore... thetimes.co.uk/article/oligarc

PSA. Ontario translation:


Elites - inflation is too low, we need to drive the cost of living higher.

Also the elites: businesses that make the cost of living more affordable should be banned.
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Elitists have a new target: dollar stores. They claim banning them would promote better eating habits among the poor. bit.ly/2FvCHcK

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