How do I know that and know each other? Because the former sold my email address to the latter! Email canaries to the rescue. (Don't worry Ryans, I still like both your books, however....) 1/3

In Canada, you cannot simply add somebody to your mailing list without explicit consent or a pre-existing business relationship, so you're violating here, and probably there, and definitely everywhere 2/3

When you consider that got my email via an add-on offer from purchasing from somebody else entirely (bought MoneyRevealed DVDs for my kid) we start to hone in on why online marketing is an almost universally reviled profession. 3/3

This tweet never really went anywhere but I just realized I had this completely wrong. I got the two names mixed up in my head (I have books from both), and used the wrong one when I created an opt-in to the other. Above tweet wrong.

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