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Economists designing institutions for people to make better decisions.
👉 Slow feed bowl

People adapting their behaviour accordingly.
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The only Dem in the running who isn’t shrill, insane, socialist or creepy. No wonder the MSM reviles her.
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Trump’s decision to charge Assange under the Espionage Act will have a serious chilling effect on our freedom of speech and freedom of the press. It also undermines our democracy by keeping crucial information from the American people that they deserve to know.

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Rarely is so technically pretty as this textbook bull flag.....broke out and is IMO it’s best chance to break that 1360ish zone where we usually pound short at in YEARS..We shall see...work to be done... but the run we saw in would make today child’s play $GLD $GDXJ

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Google scans, parses, and catalogs financial transactions from your Gmail.
easydns.com/blog/2019/06/03/go When I came across the original report I had to look into it myself....

Maybe somebody who isn't blocked by @dgolumbia@twitter.com could tell him I'd be happy to have a calm respectful dialog about it, but that would mean unblocking me. But yes, this is his stance, he believes BLS data proves that the dollar increased in value since 1913.

A friend posted on Facebook something about and I posted my rebuttal to him in a comment on his thread. would not allow me to post the comment until I removed the reference to tesladeaths.com @QTRResearch@twitter.com @markbspiegel@twitter.com $TSLAQ

A.k.a The Nazgul
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Nine kings gather to mourn the death of King Edward VII in 1910. This may very well be the most kings ever photographed at once. Represented are Norway, Bulgaria, Portugal, German Empire, Greece, Belgium, Spain, Great Britain, and Denmark.

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The End of an Era for easyDNS in Toronto's Liberty Village tech hub...

Gradually, then suddenly... all of these b/s unicorns will mean revert to their true IV.... $TSLAQ $TLRY (who’s next?)

An excellent thread about $TSLAQ cash balance and a unicorn breathing on fumes...
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0/ A quick thread about Cash.

A few months ago FT put out an article about $TSLA's cash balance. Their reported balance does not match the implied cash balance from interest yields.

If you are not serious about energy from then you are not serious about clean energy.
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