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I don’t know about you guys but my Facebook timeline has been completely overrun by socialists. It’s like Andromeda Strain out there.

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Woman to ID in Mischief - Endanger Life investigation for throwing chair over balcony onto roadway below. Image of woman attached. Info contact Toronto Police 416-808-5200 or anonymous Crime Stoppers tips 1-800-222-8477 ^sm

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👉 Home DNA testing company secretly shares data with FBI
👉 Facebook implements changes to block ad transparency tools
👉 Your Digital ID has three layers. You control one.

...and much more, in #84

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An Obituary To Fed Credibility

Thread Especially the Denzil Washington lesson.
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Am I the only who thinks Stephanie Kelton's and MMT are just very not good ideas. I just watched an hour long speech she gave and brooo🙄...saying money is infinite, deficits don't matter, government program costs don't matter, and people will ALWAYS want US Treasuries.

My wife’s debut novel is Book of the Day on Just Romantic Suspense...
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Book Of The Day - TORN: A FORENSIC ROMANCE by @tweetapplewhite on JUST ROMANTIC SUSPENSE justromanticsuspense.com/p/boo

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I’ve taken the trouble to rectify the more problematic elements of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech.

I’d be grateful if academics could now make the necessary revisions to the history books.

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How @elon@GerberKawasaki@twitter.comfs

$tsla $tslaq

Uh, no thanks.
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Stop by and charge your phones @shmoocon! Courtesy of @NSAGov

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👉Owners of Amazon Ring cameras may have been viewed by strangers
👉DNS Hijacking ring targeting companies at “unprecedented” scale
👉Handbook for recovering from a “maximum personal data disaster”
...and more, in 81 easydns.com/blog/2019/01/14/ax

Also, no roads will be built.
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Your food might become less safe due to the government shutdown

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👉 Facebook gave certain corporations access to your private messages.
👉Amazon patent filing belies truly Orwellian video surveillance model.
...and much more in Issue 80, the first of 2019.

Next up “smart privilege”, the unearned benefit derived from not being a total fscking moron.
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We need to start talking about 'thin privilege' bbc.in/2RcV9Pp

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CNBC should just spin off a channel that only does Apple stories, instead of the current 95% Apple stories format.

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We should replace all juries with diversity experts who can assign guilt or innocence based on quotas.

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Mars if it still had a magnetic field, atmosphere and water

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