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“We should better strive to achieve a Modern Meritocracy Theory rather than the alternative MMT on offer.” GIC Member and sponsor, Danielle DiMartino Booth, shares her latest Weekly Quill, addressing Modern Monetary Theory @Quillintel@twitter.com @DiMartinoBooth@twitter.com—

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"I understand why the silent majority is uneasy. They’re not wrong to worry that sharing their opinion on Facebook could cost them their livelihood."


The Fed, entering a new easing cycle...
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I had so much faith in him.
(🎥 via @JimLeitrim)

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The conspiracy theory is that Epstein committed suicide.

Good analogy.
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Data is not the new gold, data is the new uranium.

Sometimes you can make money from it, but it can be radioactive, it's dangerous to store, has military uses, you generally don't want to concentrate it too much, and it's regulated.

Why keep uranium you don't need?

@pcayouette I haven't scrutinized it, we use it here for free TLS on easyweb and are adding it to URL forwarding. It looks legit to me, it's just another example of an open source initiative gaining traction.

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On this day in 1977 astronomers detected the still-unsolved "Wow!" signal

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Working on v1.2 of my with assistance of @StuntPope@twitter.com, @mwlauthor@twitter.com, @trooney851@twitter.com, Michael Dooley, Ron Aitchison and @JeremyWittkop@twitter.com
Due to a non-compete agreement my folks in have to wait till #2020, but the rest of you stay tuned 🤓

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You'll notice that the "climate emergency" only applies to you and me, not Catherine. She constantly flies the planet on the public dime, like the rest of the high-living Liberal cabinet, lecturing the little people on the need to reduce our "carbon footprint." twitter.com/cathmckenna/status

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5 stages of Epstein grief:
1- Mad he won't face justice
2- Mad about power structures using young girls for sexual blackmail
3- Mad that elites won't be exposed
4- Mad that intelligence agencies rule the world
5- Mad the narrative managers are pacing us into forgetting it all

That settles it. I’m voting and I don’t need to watch the rest of these fucking bozos circle jerk each other.
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Media Release – Maxime Bernier reacts to the Leaders’ Debates Commission decision peoplespartyofcanada.ca/press_

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-“My opinion of your opinion should change your opinion.”

-“It doesn’t.”

-“But what if I shout my opinion at you?”

-“Still no.”

-“You’re a lunatic!”

That’s social media.

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📍Our most-read article comes from @StuntPope@twitter.com of Guerrilla Capitalism.

When Facebook announced Libra, it was met with immediate resistance. But the pushback didn’t come from where one might expect – the regulators.

Here's why that's a GOOD thing...


Read this thread to find out why the MSM suddenly wants the rabble eating soy patties 👇 (hint: could there be $$$$ involved? Why I’m glad you asked.. ) 👇
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1) So I was curious why there was this sudden push to cut meat, particularly beef consumption, it seemed to come out of nowhere, so I did a little research, a thread: twitter.com/CNN/status/1157607

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Spoke with the top China expert today. Can’t disclose the name, but as we say, “You can go no higher.” His take: China will invade Hong Kong soon. Of course, they have already infiltrated and pay thugs. Now we’re getting close to the real thing. Position accordingly.


-- The Left.

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So in NYT story that ran yesterday giving details about , two of the men (a butler and police detective) who provided details (in past) which story quotes, are mentioned as now dead. I looked it up: detective was 50 when he died (2018), butler was 60 when died (2015).

Bullish $TSLAQ
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@DeanSheikh1 @TESLAcharts In case of deletion

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