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"I am genuinely saintly in my compassion towards others; I am open-minded and tolerant of everyone."

"Except my political opponents who are evil and should be silenced."

Every leftist ever.

Well we do know that bombing and destabilizing countries absolutely does cause mass migration and policy makers don’t seem to care. So why the hysteria about what might cause it?
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One of the biggest dangers of climate change may be mass migration. The big questions are where and when. trib.al/Mix0KH5

Right on.
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@andraydomise EasyDNS is run by a libertarian radical who advocates for crypto to all of the subscribers. Fun fact.

This tweet never really went anywhere but I just realized I had this completely wrong. I got the two names mixed up in my head (I have books from both), and used the wrong one when I created an opt-in to the other. Above tweet wrong.
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Economists designing institutions for people to make better decisions.
👉 Slow feed bowl

People adapting their behaviour accordingly.
👉 Dog

Tired: Government
Wired: Googlement
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Google Is Pushing for Huawei Export Ban Exemption - Report - TheStreet apple.news/Aowk1Ej7uQuGz4d2Is_

The only Dem in the running who isn’t shrill, insane, socialist or creepy. No wonder the MSM reviles her.
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Trump’s decision to charge Assange under the Espionage Act will have a serious chilling effect on our freedom of speech and freedom of the press. It also undermines our democracy by keeping crucial information from the American people that they deserve to know.

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Rarely is so technically pretty as this textbook bull flag.....broke out and is IMO it’s best chance to break that 1360ish zone where we usually pound short at in YEARS..We shall see...work to be done... but the run we saw in would make today child’s play $GLD $GDXJ

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Google scans, parses, and catalogs financial transactions from your Gmail.
easydns.com/blog/2019/06/03/go When I came across the original report I had to look into it myself....

Does anybody know if today’s Google outage took out their cloud ? (Not the resolver, I mean specifically the authoritative name service)

Who is the tesladeaths.com person? I am testing more about Facebook's actively blocking that domain across the platform - they can hit me up here or email me at tesladeaths@markjr.net - $TSLAQ @TeslaCharts@twitter.com

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@SpencerFernando@twitter.com I’m a Conservative and I know that I’m a Canadian truly through and through. This kind of bs Talk has to stop and stop now!!!!!

“Democracy entails people who run their businesses well,
Being forced to run their businesses poorly,
By people who can’t run businesses at all”

One the the numerous LOL passages in @michaelmalice@twitter.com

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