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Yep, when the media will not report accurately on the realities of who's dying, the fact that hospital systems are far from overrun, and the reality that most new "cases" in the Sunbelt are asymptomatic -

People are going to start looking for and believing conspiracy theories.

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Central banking is the only job where you can be wrong about everything but maintain your job by printing more money.

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Our book The Zero Interest Trap, written by @scholarium_at, @RonStoeferle and Gregor Hochreiter is now out as an audiobook on amazon. Take a listen and learn why we are stuck in the trap and what we can do to get out of it.

I think because he’s talking about academia he means Trotskyites...
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Academia is full of right-wing professors.

I wonder if this is how @dog_feelings and every left wing hack journo gets their
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Access to Internal Twitter Admin Tools Is Widespread

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Can't...stop...laughing...@DiMartinoBooth 😂😂😂

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The Fed injecting liquidity into the markets.

My conversation with @RonStoeferle @scholarium_at and Gregor Hochreiter about their book The Zero Rate Trap is now up, as is the audiobook

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"While it is true that you learn with age, the down side is that what you learn is often what a damn fool you were before."

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👉Cloudflare outage takes out huge chunk of internet👉New Hong Kong law for anybody anywhere in the world👉AxisOfEasy Salon #13: The “Phase shift” everybody is bracing for has already happened...this and more in AxisofEasy #155 Podcast edition: 🔊🎧

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