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I proudly endorse Dr. @jo4liberty for the @LPNational Presidency.

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What's happening with recent employment data reports is an intentional, political carelessness that supports status quo cartoons of control.

It's not a Republican thing. It's not a Democrat thing.

It's a power thing.

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Safe to trace? Contact tracing and cyber-security: getting it right. That’s a webinar the @ISCC_Canada is putting on tomorrow, sign up here:

Ho-lee shit. @maxkeiser @realmaxkeiser was on @QTRResearch yesterday ... I know what I'm listening to when I walk the dog tonight....

So.... now that is over, I guess this means we can all get back to work now?

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It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance.

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The key insight of Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations is misleadingly simple: if an exchange between two parties is voluntary, it will not take place unless both believe they will benefit from it. Most economic fallacies derive from the neglect of this simple insight. - M. Friedman

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As my colleague Jesse explains in our latest Axis of Easy Salon podcast, "Nevermind the influencers, here come the revolts," revolts include a plurality of participants

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....and another update. It's been pointed out that the @AlexBerenson book that Amazon refused to carry is now live on Amazon.

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Our article about Amazon spiking @AlexBerenson's book about COVID-19 and lockdowns hit Top 10 and front page, before it was "flagged" as inappropriate. There's something ironic about that.

Wow. We’re here.
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Oh fuck me. I can’t believe it. They censored it.

File under “what did you *think* was gonna happen....”
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Lockdowns (1) rendered millions unemployed. (2) cut people off from important institutions that reduce social conflict. (3) increased police harassment of innocent people. This is a recipe for disaster.

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