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Our book The Zero Interest Trap, written by @scholarium_at, @RonStoeferle and Gregor Hochreiter is now out as an audiobook on amazon. Take a listen and learn why we are stuck in the trap and what we can do to get out of it.

I think because he’s talking about academia he means Trotskyites...
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Academia is full of right-wing professors.

I wonder if this is how @dog_feelings and every left wing hack journo gets their
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Access to Internal Twitter Admin Tools Is Widespread

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Can't...stop...laughing...@DiMartinoBooth 😂😂😂

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The Fed injecting liquidity into the markets.

My conversation with @RonStoeferle @scholarium_at and Gregor Hochreiter about their book The Zero Rate Trap is now up, as is the audiobook

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"While it is true that you learn with age, the down side is that what you learn is often what a damn fool you were before."

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👉Cloudflare outage takes out huge chunk of internet👉New Hong Kong law for anybody anywhere in the world👉AxisOfEasy Salon #13: The “Phase shift” everybody is bracing for has already happened...this and more in AxisofEasy #155 Podcast edition: 🔊🎧

When @TESLAcharts tweets your article that ran on @zerohedge there is only one response...

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