I can finally justify thermal underwear this year. -17° FTW.

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"So, what do you do while the servers are imaging?"

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New post: You won't believe what Marked 2 will do to its status bar and 11 bugfixes that will clickbait SEO headline


Now that's a show.
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My project Sweat Boys will be performing at Sanctuary Fest Milwaukee in May along with Leaether Strip, Plack Blague, Klack, Hate Dept., and more rad acts!


In which I finally get to talk about yoga.
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Want to hear the @ttscoff full episode including the aftershow? It's available NOW! to all people who support the podcast by covering a week of hosting for us. ko-fi.com/jayandjaymedia.

12/29: submitted. 1/2: in review. 1/11: in review. Still. Mac App Store turnaround times had been pretty great last year…

I need a day to revamp my TextExpander shortcuts.

Had a great time with Jay on this podcast. Lots of yoga talk :)
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The Internet's Mad Scientist is back! This Monday, @ttscoff returns to the to tell us about how has a monumental impact on his health and mindset as a developer.


What's your favorite source for custom-printed custom-colored keycaps (mech keyboard)? I have very specific requirements…

Emergency powers will turn a peacock-for-the-base instance into a Reichstag Fire. Took us longer than I expected to get there…

Wait. My own CMD-clicks on links are being blocked by Chrome's popup blocker?

I'm fortunate enough to be enjoying 4pm dinners well before my twilight years.

Random web design pointer: FontFace Ninja for Chrome now includes WhatTheFont integration for instant identification of fonts in images (along with all the other fonts). chrome.google.com/webstore/det

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