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My shrink had stopped returning my calls. Just saying.

The Shareef don’t like it

Aw, someone made a Homebrew cask for Bunch.

Words that only make sense to certain people, I suppose.

It would be a great time for another season of Love, Death, and Robots.

I made you a chart that shows why you should stay at home looking at charts.

I never wanted to go out until you said I couldn't.

Name 3 things, one lie. I'll start. 1. Hobby farms. 2. Piñatas. 3. Bollocks.

We're past the point where anyone is counting days now. Welcome to my world. I haven't known what day it was for years.

Weinerschnitzel by Descendents twice, or Short Songs by Dead Kennedys once.

Use for Markdown previews? Drafts 19 can now send live updates to the Marked Streaming Preview window. Details:

Lately on the blog: [Sponsor] MeisterTask's one board to rule them all: Agenda

My little sister was born on April Fools Day. Oh yeah, I should probably call her.

I feel like April Fool's jokes within the home can be a lighthearted way to deal with quarantine, but public ones are in poor taste this year. Fortunately I haven't seen any of the latter, but I'd love to hear what you did for the former.

Day 1 with bidet: ooh my goodness, am I using this right, am I getting clean, what is even happening? Day 5 with bidet: this is the best thing ever, I am an expert with my own unique style. I’m considering starting a youtube channel.

Real Housewives of Letterkenny. I would watch that.

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