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The Adverts' Gary Gilmore's Eyes is 45 years old today. You're so old.

We've had a couple power outages in the last year and I find myself more willing to purchase UPSs and power banks than I am to buy candles and books. I may need to reassess priorities.

I'm putting some faith in Wikipedia and believing that this is real.

I hope someday I get mentioned on whack an atheist.

I appreciate almost any Kent Hovind response video, but, for most thinking audiences, you can just play the Hovind video and let him shoot himself in his dumbass foot.

I just saw a Patreon list that included Gay of Reckoning and I can't believe this is the first time I've heard that.

TBT the time I met Sal Soghoian. I think we hit it off.

I got a LOT of cootie vaccines as a child and I'm fine now.

Scam alert: dog says she hasn't been fed. Don't fall for it. I fed the dog.

I have 419 apps on my Mac. Is that pretty average for a nerd?

Now that I realize how easy it is to convert existing Automator workflows to Shortcuts, I'm finally inclined to truly dig into Shortcuts. So much more power… just needed my Services to translate.

My life is neither a comedy nor a tragedy. Closer to a comedy, I guess. Like a boring British comedy that only has actual laughs here and there and even then you feel like you were just being nice. Which is also kind of tragic, I suppose.

I am not a productivity guru. Not that anyone was accusing me of that.

Huh, NordVPN added a Tailscale-like feature called Meshnet. But I'm already pretty into Tailscale… good to know, though.

What exactly does "this little piggy went to market" mean? Because my entire life I thought it meant a pig went shopping but I've recently become concerned it's significantly darker than that.

Check out what @ElleMoreen made for me. They're amazing.

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