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Come check out the new Custom Style Gallery with full previews and one click installs!

If you have a custom style to share, there's a new uploader for submission, too:

TIL if you embed the in the SVG, you can create a base64 data-url that allows SVG animation in a background-image property. I'll tell you why tomorrow.

Big thanks to for breaking my writing process with SearchLink.

I don’t think got a job at a toy store just because I fidget too much, but I have to say this embarrassment of fidget toys has worked out well for me.

"The Captain" from Various Positions doesn't get enough props in the grand scheme of the Leonard Cohen discography. I loved that song.

I love living in a time when I can think "I wish I had a B3" and then a couple of clicks and I have a B3. With drawbars and everything.

I often wonder what my interests would have been like if I'd been a kid in other eras. Also, would I have been into The Kinks, The Squires, and their ilk if I'd actually lived in the 60s? Unknowable, but I think so.

The easiest part of any development gig is complaining about the choices the previous developer made.

Arizona: You can fry an egg on our sidewalks in the summer.
Minnesota: That’s cute.

After reading a bunch of "productivity with ADHD" stuff I look at these "productivity for neurotypicals" articles with a different lens. One of wry humor, mostly.

I’ll admit I was baffled for a bit as to why MS was hitting “next” on productivity. Windows shortcuts are not based on emacs, I realized.

I screenshot it? I screenshotted it? I screenshat it?

really liked reading about's "doing" CLI. Inspired me to get my "append timed log entry" to polished. If you log actions/notes to yourself throughout the day and don't want a separate journal entry for each note, try it:

If you’ve ever thought on-hold music got annoying, imagine a 5-second loop of a just a voice just saying “please hold for the next representative” over and over for 15 minutes. Fun morning.

Also, it's been a while since I expressed my love for Paw from @luckmarmot. "Paw: don't explore an API without it."

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