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Lately on the blog: Using Moom with Bunch for window management

My first put bull foster, my first German Shepherd, and my first convertible.

I wrote this week's posts over a two-day period where Bunch had my focus. I'm not actually spending all week working on Bunch. It just looks that way.

Peak Overtired.
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"What a clever, topical episode image." — Brett. Plus your West coast weather update, bipolar episodes, and text editors. It's literally everything you were just wishing for.

What's weird is that you seem like exactly the kind of person who would be pissed that the "elite" suckered you. Socialism would only help you, but you know who wants you to believe it won't? The swamp. Yes, that swamp.

My parents are on a "waterfall tour," —which I understand to be a tour of actual waterfalls—and I want to text my mom a TLC gif but i realize it would be confusing and probably seem like I had something against waterfalls. I have more important things to be overthinking.

My mom asked for a picture of me and @newman.elle so I sent her this white people stock photo I found.

I set up a Discord community for my podcasts but I find myself hesitant to share it because it would be so embarrassing to throw the party and not have enough people show up. People would talk.

Also I really don't know much about Discord. I probably screwed it up already.

If anyone wants a HelloFresh invite that gets you a free box (a week of meals), hit me up. I have a few and I never use them because I'm a bad customer.

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Joined @ttscoff for a fun chat on his podcast this week. Enjoy if you are so inclined!

Lately on the blog: PDFpen: powerful PDF editing for Mac, iPad, and iPhone [Sponsor]

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