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I have been roasting, caramelizing, and baking for over an hour and this is what I get.

October will be ADHD awareness month, not that any of us will remember.

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I got to be on one of my favorite podcasts, @ovrtrd, and ranted a bit about mental illness with three people who are too cool for this world.

Ooh, @TimingApp now integrates with @HookProductvT.

"I'm not super racist but I like where your head's at on the abortion thing, so I'll take the rest in stride." — Average Christian

Oooh, @jessegrosjean did a new thing! Bike, an open format outliner for macOS

Amazing review of Bunch from @AlexCox and @hotdogsladies on Do By Friday. . And boy do they flatter me too much. Thanks all!

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Hot tip: roll your own Overtired intro with `say -v zarvox "tired, so tired, overtired"` on macOS. Of course, these days you go to System Prefs->Accessibility->Spoken Content->System Voice->Customize to download Zarvox, which is just a crime.

I do not understand why Zarvox isn't just included by default with macOS anymore. It's clearly the best text-to-speech voice.

I’ve named the new Mac Studio “agony,” joining the ranks of gloom (mbp), dread (m1 mini), and despair (2012 mini). The cats approve.

The Doing test suite takes 116s to run on an M1 Mac mini, 40s to run on a Studio Max. Considering a lot of that time is file read/write, that's a surprising improvement.

I should have started clean on my Studio and trusted my dotfiles/Brewfile/Mackup setup, but that Transfer from Other System using a clone SSD was just so tempting. We’ll see if I make it through today without wiping and starting fresh.

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