New Hyper key via ⁦⁩

Can not stop watching Letterkenny. I could do an Overtired just about this. ?

Getting back into piano... baby steps, so obviously I'm playing Home Sweet Home — which is inextricably linked to in my mind ever since Hot Tub Time Machine. This one's for Rob.

Notice how the majestic beast blends with his surroundings in his natural habitat.

I cut enough for a single car driven in a very straight line.

My girl made me the coolest hat I've ever owned.

Well that was barely with putting on the snow boots, coat, mittens, balaclava, and lined cap for. It's basically warm out (21°F) and it took <10 minutes to get through the 8" the plow left at the end of the drive.

On a scale from subscription based software to ad-free open source, how free are you tonight?

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