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Since this is a thread now, I'll opine that I don't use the word "spate" much. It's a wonderfully concise word and deserves a more prominent place in my vocabulary.

If I _did_ have my card, I still couldn't have bought much at the Farmer's Market without cash. I don't understand why everybody doesn't have a Square or whatever. It's not hard to accept cards these days...

I want to buy spinach with crypto is what I'm saying.

Given my current spate of tech disasters (broken Stream Decks, Synology, Roomba), I should just stay away from technology in general for a while. The ATM eating my card on the way to the Farmer's Market was a strong indicator of this. Can't buy much with no cash AND no card.

Synology is resetting and requiring daily reinstalls of DSM (+ all apps). I’m still working my way through Elgato support for broken Stream Decks and I dropped my Roomba and now it just spins in place. Might be giving up on tech and finally learning woodworking. Or shoe shining.

Lately on the blog: A Fine Start is for lovers of lists [Sponsor]

Elle is gone for a few days and Yeti wanted to let me know he trusts me to keep the house in order.

Generic code. You could even add a custom preprocessor that added it to the document automatically. If you need a hand, contact me via the support site.

RT @macstockexpo
A little teaser for the next Virtual Macstock announcement video...

The trip to the Farmer's Market today was worth it just for this cutting board. No complaints about the vegan, GF Indian food, either.

The Bunch package for Sublime Text is in Package Control now, just in case you were waiting for it.

(I might be the only person who wanted it…)

Can't wait to see how 11.4 breaks my system. Any bets on Karabiner surviving this one?

A tree fell and knocked out a power line and now I have to eat all the ice cream in the freezer before it melts.

Nobody has recommended me since 2011 so thanks for nothing LinkedIn.

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