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I've never done much work on RTL-format HTML, but thanks to a gremlin I kept getting from App Store preview pages, I now know you can specify LTR/RTL in a title tag with a unicode character. Fun.

WTF. Can't update Xcode because my OS isn't up to date but can't update my OS because my OS is up to date.

TIL opt/alt-T reverses the preceding two words in Bash or zsh (and probably others). You'd think I'd have known that.

Since I started growing out my beard I've been told by both men and women how much they like a guy with a beard. Then I saw Kit Harrington clean shaven and realized I do too.

Found a 5 year ago tweet using
I made you something with a gui@tweetstoryapp@twitter.comdown and Deckset.

My next Macworld presentation? Happy Spring.

This is a real keyboard nerd thing, but my biggest frustration when writing on iOS is that emacs keybindings are all messed up. Ctrl a/e don’t work right, ctrl-k doesn’t EOL, and — and this is the big one — ctrl-T doesn’t do a damn thing. I know nobody cares but me.

IRS: Rejected for PIN mismatch

Online tax service: You don't need your PIN if you have your AGI

IRS: Rejected for PIN mismatch

Me: Hey, I tried.

I permanently alternate between 6 and 9 like a pendulum.
Mondays I’m 8.

Facts are often hard to digest. Fortunately we live in the future and we can get all our news from memes.

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