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At least until they realize what you're actually talking about. Delays the inevitable, anyway.

Instead of calling it productivity, think of it as Time Magic. You won't get any more accomplished, but people will roll their eyes less when you talk about it.

Big Sur broke Bunch's Do Not Disturb control and I'm not sure I have the time/motivation to fix it. Too many other (paying) things demanding attention and it took me too long to get it working to start with…

App Store Small Business program: If you make less than $1M/yr you could get Apple's fee lowered from 30% to 15%... great news for us indie devs.

My only Christmas list item is a @UltHackKeyboard V2 pre-order, so if, I don't know, 20 people wanted to go in on that… I would like the wrist rests, too, please.

Lately on the blog: Remove the proxy icon hover delay in Big Sur

There's a new app on Setapp called Keysmith that would be perfect for this…

This morning we put our kitten down. It was one of the saddest things I’ve ever done. He was born on Valentines Day and will forever be in our hearts. We nicknamed him “love pig” because of the way he’d crawl up on your shoulder and purr so loud you couldn’t hear. RIP Finn.

TIL that Butt Load is an actual unit of measurement.

We found out today that our kitten Finnegan has FIP and a week to live and my heart is in pieces.

All non-executable files (and some executable) should have known file extensions. No sending me text files and scripts that email and file sharing apps don't know how to preview.

Big Sur irritation #41: ctrl-cmd-space no longer brings up the emoji input palette in Messages. I'm sure some fun memoji thing replaced it, but stop futzing with my muscle memory.

Twitter asking me to rate its iPhone app makes me feel dirty.

Keeping religion out of politics includes QAnon.

I hate what Apple did to proxy icons in Big Sur with a white hot passion.

Nailed it.
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The home office of the future, previewed by Walter Cronkite on "The 21st Century," 1967.

I realized a few episodes into The Staircase that I didn't care if he was guilty or innocent.

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