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Lately on the blog: FIXED: Marked 2, Big Sur, and blurry PDFs

You know what was a great little app? @timebar. Turned your whole menu bar into a progress bar countdown timer. Still kind works, but not quite, and I haven't found a good replacement.

Bod has this bed that's a pyramid shape that she can crawl inside but she prefers to squish it down and sleep on top of it.

She loves pets, but what she really loves is putting her nose inside my nose. It gets weird. This one is just her tongue, which is somehow more comfortable than the nose-up-nose action.

I can not overstate how excited/relieved I am that Apple fixed the PDF bug with older Webkit. This has been weighing on me for months.

And the RFID feeder is great. Seals shut until Yeti gets within a foot of it and then it opens for him. Now I can feed him prescription food without the kitten stealing it. I can also feed him on the floor without the dog stealing it. Love this thing.

The single-page docs for Bunch we're getting out of hand so I made a mini-site that will hopefully make navigating them easier. Still tweaking, but I think it's an improvement.

Needed a collar for Yeti's RFID tag for his kitten-proof feeder, so I got him a bowtie.

OMG The latest macOS 11 beta fixes the raster PDF issue in Marked 2. I still had a month's worth of coding left to work around that bug. Sweet, I will gladly use that time elsewhere :).

Lately on the blog: PDFpen on the road or at your desk [Sponsor]

I just liked the colors. They actually make this cat look kind of cute.

When your press release requires a Nation State cyber threat to blame.

Cool, Instagram has a maga rally filter. Only works for white people, though.

I bought into a crazy conspiracy theory and now I'm standing next to Nazis and you know what? I'm doubling down. The cops are on my side, things are going well, why not try this again sometime? Jan 19? 20? Anyone want to carpool?

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