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I’ve been trying to cut back on expenses by letting go of all optimism.
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@dildog domain name renewals are the internet’s tax on optimism

Either height should be pronounced “hate” or weight should be pronounced “white.” This tweet came out sounding political entirely by accident.

Systematic and Overtired may be coming back soon. I’m excited to get back to podcasting.

After gushing to @ElleMoreen about the usefulness of ‘git bisect’ for discovering at what point something broke, she said what I’ve always thought: “I need version control for my life.”

Cool trick!
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@ttscoff I realise nvALT is soon to be replaced by nvUltra*; until then, I’ve been playing with iconutil and ImageMagick to create rainbow icons.

You might enjoy:

*I doubt deliberate, but I always read that as a sigint reference:

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This week on The Checklist by @SecureMac we dive into some WWDC20 announcements with developer Brett @ttscoff Terpstra.

- The sea of notifications coming in iOS 14
- All of the pasteboard/clipboard copying 
- Taking FaceID and TouchID on Safari

Lately on the blog: PDFpen 12.1 with page label support [Sponsor]

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Three Thursday shows - No waiting!

Mac OS Ken - 07.09.2020

In a Few Minutes - Watching TV with @shelly

And Checklist 190 - WWDC20, iOS, and Safari with Brett Terpstra - @ttscoff


Any aspiring indie songwriters want to take a crack at a new genre?
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This is a poem about America.

I have no idea how I broke ssh on my Catalina install, but I do know that this was the fix.

Host *

Just in case you were somehow struck by the same issue. Just me? Ok.

Funny how many people are upset by Webster's "irregardless" decision. Let the dictionary of normal people represent the fluid language of normal people, you have your OED and annoying pedantry. They can't take that away from you.

Trump accuses the left of the very fascism he espouses because we're in an abusive relationship on a national level.

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There just isn't room for everything... ;)

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