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I'd be angry with how often Screenflow has paid updates if they didn't always include something totally worth upgrading for. At least 3 things this time, actually.

Anyone else had problems with USB (A) keyboards on a USB-C macbook? I'm running through a powered hub, but I'm getting wicked lag and dropped keys. Tested with multiple keyboards… just me and my machine?

And then, suddenly, it was winter. On-brand for MN, but it was still a bit jarring.

What’s your favorite not-actually-scary movie? In the vein of Shaun of the Dead or Cabin in the Woods?

Some days you get the fireworks brain, and other days the fireworks brain gets you. I'll be meditating and/or listening to loud music if you need me.

I hesitate a bit to ask because you can be kind of a dick sometimes, but what do you think of the new icon?

If MIA and Atari Teenage Riot birthed a song, it would sound a lot like Champagne by K.Flay, today's Brett Terpstra song of the day. You're welcome.

Lately on the blog: Howzit: Remember how what you work on works

Is there a issue with Catalina affecting multiple accounts in the sidebar? After os update, clicking my profile icon no longer fans out my other accounts, but ⌘{/} still switches…

Someone just accused me of selling their email address and I’d like to make it clear that, aside from occasionally using cc instead of bcc, I have never ever given or sold anyone’s email to anyone and never will.

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