Well that was barely with putting on the snow boots, coat, mittens, balaclava, and lined cap for. It's basically warm out (21°F) and it took <10 minutes to get through the 8" the plow left at the end of the drive.

@ttscoff All we have up here right now is powder, but I haven't had a chance to do anything about it yet.

@Haroldina how's it looking now? We've gotten a foot of heavy snow overnight…

@ttscoff We got another 3" of powder last night. The worst bit for me still remains the timing.

@ttscoff The lot here at work is bad enough that people have been bringing in their personal vehicles with plows to clean up after the snow removal team.

@ttscoff Today's update is that I've been stuck in the snow pile at the end of the alley for 3 hours now. I managed to get moved about 10 feet before getting stuck even worse.

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