Not that I care, but why is it that if someone omits a generation in conversation, it's always Gen X? Again, not that I care.

@ttscoff We studied that in a marketing class. The Baby Boomers are a huge generation, and were the first to have money as teens. Which led to them having babies late, meaning that Gen-X was abnormally small. Also some stuff about 9-11 changed the definition of "generations" The upshot is that most kids-of-boomers ended up being labelled Millennials. So I'm Gen-X, but my sister, 3 years younger than me, is a Millennial.

The upshot is that Gen-X is too small to matter. Also we're apathetic.

@ttscoff It doesn't slide off the tongue as nicely, which makes it harder to meme with. "Okay Gen Xer" just isn't the same.

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