@ttscoff Sendy looks really cool! I just signed up for your newsletter, but I have a Safari extension that prevents connecting to HTTP sites. (I added an exception so I could get through the signup). Could you set up HTTPS on your sendy subdomain? Maybe via LetsEncrypt? I appreciate everything you do, thanks!


@nertzy I would love to, but the way that Dreamhost required me to mirror the subdomain doesn’t allow ssl. The actual installation is on ssl, but I thought it would be confusing to have the signup for non-nvultra lists be hosted at nvultra.com.

@ttscoff Hmm yeah that makes sense. I wonder if it’s possible to get a single cert that covers both domains? But I feel your pain, that stuff gets complicated quickly.

@nertzy Dreamhost support seemed very certain that you couldn’t put SSL on a mirrored domain. I did try :)

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