My first put bull foster, my first German Shepherd, and my first convertible.

My mom asked for a picture of me and @newman.elle so I sent her this white people stock photo I found.

Finnegan is so done with your shit. (credit to Harold K. for the perfect caption).

I got medium roast Ethiopian beans that smell so good I want to put them in a paper bag and huff them like paint.

Podcast folder: nvultra toggle, quip, start and toggle audio hijack recording with elapsed time, and insert elapsed timestamp in show notes.

Finn looks forward to yoga every day. He loves my mat. Thus, you get a bunch of pictures of Finnegan on my yoga mat.

Two replacements in one day, neither voluntary. How's your week going?

Finn has completely forgiven us for bathing him last night. Unless he has some secret revenge planned, but he’s not really the “long game” type.

Coming Wednesday. Don't call it a comeback, we've been here for years.

RT @ovrtrd
All I'm saying is that on Wednesday this week you'll be able to not call it a comeback.

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