I did not realize this was a setting. This explains random cursor size changes correlating with the amount of coffee I've consumed.

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And then, suddenly, it was winter. On-brand for MN, but it was still a bit jarring. bit.ly/2rjtrEG

Despite macOS no longer using strictly cat-based versioning, this tweet release is entirely cat based.

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This is that t-shirt you didn’t ask about because the animals covering it up were cuter.
You can get your own, if you want to… bit.ly/2lrsPKE bit.ly/2n01dwg

Some of my Turkish friends sweetly gifted me a set of Turkish coffee cups when they learned I was making Turkish coffee. Thanks Begum and Uzay :). bit.ly/2mYMy4u

Was going to post a picture of the t-shirt that came in the mail today … bit.ly/2mHhG8I

Never considered that my weird user names would show up in things like my Nuzzel newsletter.

Yeti is still waking up, doesn’t realize it’s his birthday yet. Sweet 16, old enough to drive in MN.

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