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The Shareef don’t like it

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Use @MarkedApp@twitter.com for Markdown previews? Drafts 19 can now send live updates to the Marked Streaming Preview window. Details: docs.getdrafts.com/docs/editor

Lulu joined us for the opening mediation of Ana Forrest's Livestream.

Yeti will be offering Cat Yoga classes over Zoom starting this week. Stay tuned for schedule (pending naps). bit.ly/3bsh3Ur

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This guy has just won the internet.

The hat @newman@twitter.com.elle made me for Valentine’s Day (but just finished today). Just in time for the last of the cold weather in MN. bit.ly/33B7KPk

Fixed nav bar empties on scroll, leaving an empty bar over the content. This is a bug, right?


You can ask me again in two weeks, but as of today there's nobody I'd rather be stuck with in isolation. bit.ly/3a6Cvy8

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Want to spice up your Marked previews? Check out the latest in the style gallery, including Emma, FadingFast, Mouse, Monophile, Hardstock, and more!


Wake me up when the whole virus thing is over. As long as someone’s left to feed me, we’re good. bit.ly/2TpmzRM

Out on a crisp MN Match morning, doing grown up stuff.

My sweetheart @ElleMoreen@twitter.com crocheted a fantastical top hat to wear when working at @LARKToys@twitter.com. Because, obviously, right?

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Arizona: You can fry an egg on our sidewalks in the summer.
Minnesota: That’s cute.

I’ll admit I was baffled for a bit as to why MS was hitting “next” on productivity. Windows shortcuts are not based on emacs, I realized.

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