As expected, Bod is much more excited about the box than the pet bed it contained.

These Apple Watch knockoffs are pretty bad. They do hold significantly more stitch markers, though.

This Bigfoot is 18 years old today. Happy Birthday, Yeti Monster. …That was a lot of cryptozoology for one cat post.

TIL some very useful Fish (shell) shortcuts that I had somehow previously missed…

Project for the day: @keyboardmaestro macro that indexes markdown files and headlines in them to create a search and insert a link. For cross-linking when working on Markdown-based documentation.

Will probably blog it, but if you're curious, just ask. Configurable/templated.

Good grief, she's really getting comfortable here. She unplugged my monitor and audio on my last zoom call. Need to fasten the cables because I don't have the heart to make her stop sleeping there. Not that I can control cats anyway…

Bod jumped on the treadmill with me today. She's so curious about everything, it's inspiring.

RT @zengobi
Curio 17 is here with our amazing new Quick Find popup, support for live markdown previews via Stream to @MarkedApp, and much more. Free upgrade for Curio 15+ customers.

She’s getting more comfortable in this spot every day. Second photo is yesterday, before she really started nesting. Now she’s disconnecting SSDs to find just the right position.

I can't tell if seam is a joke on the aspell man page.

Just as a followup to the crazy Touch Bar post a couple days ago, the btt_stats script now does Zoom buttons, too.

They only show up when a meeting is active, and can toggle mic/vid/etc..

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