And in format, just to keep the hashtag alive, just barely grasping on to life with its clammy, cold fingers.

That did NOT come out easy, but I didn't brick the machine. ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩

And just randomly disassembling Macs. As one does.

Shane,, Guy (still recognizable from the back, and

And obviously, among many other awesome folks, the man who makes it all happen, himself, Mike Potter.

And who is consistently delightful

Got to hang out with and

Someone asked if and I were brothers.

This is me with and We're happy. crocheted me a yoga mat carrier as a birthday present. I love it.

Dude. made me a carrier for my yoga mat as a birthday present and it's so cool. ❤️

I refuse to upload my photos to a Russian group with a vague privacy policy, so I'm just going to post a rendering of myself as I'll look at 41. Send accurate. Painting by

They just called 666 at the DMV and NO ONE HAD IT. Or at least wanted to claim it. I offered to step up…

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