When you have a bit of a manic night and add benchmarking and way too much color to your log output.

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It’s this simple.
It’s not a discussion.

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🔥 JavaScript regular expressions are getting more powerful!

The RegExp `v` flag enables `unicodeSets` mode, unlocking support for Unicode properties of strings in \p{…}, set notation, string literal syntax, and other new features and improvements.


I tried to carve a pineapple while paying attention to a meeting. First cut was on a pineapple spine, the latter was a knife wound resulting from trying to protect the former. instagr.am/p/CfFiz3aJgbi/

Got a big box of @OracleDevs swag today and I might not need any new clothes for a while. So much cool stuff… job perks! Even some fans/enclosures for Raspberry Pis I might get sometime soon…

My most successful dad joke this year. 82 people with taste as bad as mine. Not bad. instagr.am/p/Ce6LwuElkY0/

You may or may not be surprised to learn this is what the inside of my head looks like about 25% of the time.
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Room Rater Happy Long Weekend. A little more happiness to end the night. Thank you Suki, @GurdeepPandher and @damienrobi. 10/10

Lately on the blog: Communicate faster than ever with TextExpander [Sponsor]


Our property has forest, wetlands, marsh, and a beautiful creek. Our project for the summer is to clear a trail so we can easily experience them all. instagr.am/p/CeMGja2rh6Q/

Starting some forest management for the summer. Buckthorn has become a huge issue on our land. instagr.am/p/CeMGMj5LcGk/

She has 5 different cat beds/caves available to her, but if I'm in a room with a Moonpod, she'll always pick that. Even if I'm using it. Moonpod should make cat beds. instagr.am/p/Cd8qfETrAEL/

I was latr because I was voting in the special primary, and am currently not working because of cat. Will be with you soon, though instagr.am/p/Cd8VTFruCza/

I have been roasting, caramelizing, and baking for over an hour and this is what I get. instagr.am/p/Cdy_uS5vTYu/

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