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There just isn't room for everything... ;)

He really loves the camera. Hold a phone up in front of Yeti and he looks—or walks—away, but Finn poses every time. instagr.am/p/CCGmavbpEgv/

Oat milk, coconut sugar, ice, double espresso. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. instagr.am/p/CCGg4JxJVCW/

They said July 10, but then the shipping notice said July 3, and then it’s on my doorstep on June 29. I don’t know if I’m more impressed with the speed of fulfillment or the artful lowering of expectations.

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Join us for @MacVoices Live tonight at 8 PM ET.


We will be talking about the Apple announcements (what else?) with the panel of @ttscoff @markfuccio and @jgamet. Want to be part of the conversation? Check the chat once we get started.

Yeti with a side of feeding tube. He’s taken quite well to it, all things considered. instagr.am/p/CBsrN3WJ79h/

Finn joined @ElleMoreen on her mat and promptly went to town licking his butt for the the viewing pleasure of the entire Zoom class this morning.

He’s snoring. Cute little snores. I’ll feel bad if I have to get up. instagr.am/p/CBeI1B8p1nH/

Lulu got along great with her previous feline sibling, Clovis, and hopefully she and Finn will develop the same playful relationship. Or something new… old dog learns new cat tricks? instagr.am/p/CBYkFAUpCc6/

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Every year I fill out this survey from Apple, for Apple developers. Every year nothing changes.

I appreciate the anonymous feedback, but your complete lack of research undermines your point.

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