I can't tell if seam is a joke on the aspell man page.

I bet this isn't the first time Twitter user 2x has been errantly mentioned.

My latest Jekyll plugin takes JPG/PNG images and creates WEBP versions, outputting a picture tag with a srcset to handle fallbacks. Also recognizes @2x versions and includes markup for them when available. Not cleaned up for publishing, but if you want to play w/it, hit me up.

Lately on the blog: BetterTouchTool Touch Bar followup - Zoom buttons


Just as a followup to the crazy Touch Bar post a couple days ago, the btt_stats script now does Zoom buttons, too. github.com/ttscoff/BetterTouch

They only show up when a meeting is active, and can toggle mic/vid/etc..

It won't shock anyone to know that I added a button to my touch bar that shows in bright green/red whether Zoom is muted. Toggles on press, long press leaves the meeting. Disappears when there's no active call.

Totally ripped off the code from the Stream Deck zoom plugin.

They don't mention it in the product literature, but apparently the OWC Thunderbolt 4 dock works well as a kitten pillow. instagr.am/p/CRo1lAppY9I/

It obviously came up early on and decisions were made that the PR flack from having an overly phallic rocket would be less troublesome than whatever alternatives there were.

Lately on the blog: Let's get crazy with BetterTouchTool and Touch Bar Simulator


I love my Moon Pod, but a majority of the time it's just the most expensive cat bed ever.

To my users, with love: Please use the support sites I've set up and linked to for each of my apps. Tracking conversations there is much more manageable than random emails, and support can be more in-depth than Twitter. Plus, historical search, and other users can join in!

My buddy @kjaymiller has launched a new podcast on Relay: @conduitfm . First episode up now! relay.fm/conduit/1

This tweet inspired by a misspelling in a Facebook outer space group.

Couple days early, but I'm having oral surgery right before my birthday and won't be able to eat cake. So, cake. instagr.am/p/CRY5QsXp_o4/

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