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Working on the next version of Taskmator app. Any user who want to send me their feedback to make the app better ( or to get their issue fixed) please join beta group by sending me your TestFlight ID via email taskmator@gmail.com

If anyone knows how this was done, I'd welcome insight: Img 1) a @DuckDuckGo@twitter.com search result. Img 2 shows that the result title is a header within the page, and the summary is the graf _before_ said headline. The result is perfect, I just don't know how this was indexed...

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Stop telling introverts how to survive social situations and start telling extroverts to calm the fuck down.

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If you're interested in speaking at Macstock, it's just before the deadline for pitches… I'd love for this year to be the most diverse lineup yet. Pitch! macstockconferenceandexpo.com/

Lately on the blog: Soundtrack - experiments with Spotify, Apple Music, and Last.fm


Lately on the blog: Sponsor: Timing — Automatic Time Tracking for Mac


It's not often you see Winona Ryder in small town MN, even if she was born here.

For all the random things I've needed today @DreamHost@twitter.com support has been outstanding.

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Not that I care, but why is it that if someone omits a generation in conversation, it's always Gen X? Again, not that I care.

FITS Liberator doesn't run on Catalina CAN THIS DAY GET ANY WORSE.

Did Apple do something with Notes.app that broke every existing exporter? Anyone have a viable way to export Notes as text?

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