I have no idea how I broke ssh on my Catalina install, but I do know that this was the fix.

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Just in case you were somehow struck by the same issue. Just me? Ok.

Funny how many people are upset by Webster's "irregardless" decision. Let the dictionary of normal people represent the fluid language of normal people, you have your OED and annoying pedantry. They can't take that away from you.

Trump accuses the left of the very fascism he espouses because we're in an abusive relationship on a national level.

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There just isn't room for everything... ;)

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Hi friends! For a story: I'm looking for working parents who plan to quit or scale back their working hours significantly if school is still virtual or part-time in the fall. Please let me know if this sounds like you, or someone you know.

He really loves the camera. Hold a phone up in front of Yeti and he looks—or walks—away, but Finn poses every time. instagr.am/p/CCGmavbpEgv/

@mdhughes still 2.7 on Python, I think (afk right now). Ruby is 2.6.3.

Oat milk, coconut sugar, ice, double espresso. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. instagr.am/p/CCGg4JxJVCW/

Anyone get homebrew and/or node working on Apple Silicon yet?

Stock install of Big Sur appears to still have Ruby, Python, and Perl. That’s welcome news.

They said July 10, but then the shipping notice said July 3, and then it’s on my doorstep on June 29. I don’t know if I’m more impressed with the speed of fulfillment or the artful lowering of expectations.

I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube on my Apple TV and you know what the app’s best feature is? No comments.

My genitals can't breathe as easily when I wear pants, but I still wear them at the grocery store. Because seeing them unmasked would upset you as much as seeing you unmasked upsets me.

Wearing a mask, in addition to being how we safely get to "normal," is a sign of respect to those around you. Think "Confederate flag but opposite."

After seeing @MikeTRose and @chuckjoiner on a zoom calls with an SLR, with their crisp focus and depth of field, I wonder if this new era of rampant telework might lead to 2+ front facing cams on laptops and mobile devices. Seriously, they look like a movie stars and I'm jealous.

Throwback to 2008: this is how you got your WWDC Keynote if you weren't lucky enough to get a seat. engadget.com/2008-06-09-tuaw-m

Times have changed.

Thanks to @ericasadun @MikeTRose and the TUAW crew for the memories!

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