Lately on the blog: Branching out from Bash: Fishing expedition

Less than 24 hours left to get in on the drawing for a free copy of the MacSparky Shortcuts Field Guide!

Thanks to for reminding me to tweet. I'm kinda proud that that's a thing today, though. I forgot to tweet…

Lately on the blog: Unify your team's voice with TextExpander

Catalina hates zipped app downloads. But it's fine with DMGs as long as they're NOT codesigned. This is a ton of fun.

“In my great and unmatched wisdom…” Who the fuck talks like this? Gods and dictators, maybe.

Despite macOS no longer using strictly cat-based versioning, this tweet release is entirely cat based.

Setext headers are often more elegant and readable than ATX. There, I said it.

I've mostly trained in Forrest and Vinyasa, but I've been dipping my toes in Nihilist Yoga lately. It's a real departure from other traditions.

My brain can't decide if everything seems overwhelming today, or just annoying.

@nate I figured out a bunch of tricks for porting just about everything I needed. Close enough, anyway …

I recently saw the term "Terpstrati" used sarcastically to refer to people who liked tagging and mind mapping and such. You haven't really made your mark until your name is used sarcastically.

Custom manual tracking is coming to! This extends the usefulness, and I'm excited about the potential applications in my own tracking.

Sometimes I have to dig through the Gulpfile just to remember what the index file was. Oh yeah, I was using Haml and Stylus. I remember now. Kinda. This is why…

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