Keeping religion out of politics includes QAnon.

I hate what Apple did to proxy icons in Big Sur with a white hot passion.

Nailed it.
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The home office of the future, previewed by Walter Cronkite on "The 21st Century," 1967.

I realized a few episodes into The Staircase that I didn't care if he was guilty or innocent.

Lately on the blog: Dealing with leftover Zoom tabs in the browser

There are multiple people working on our roof right now, which really upset our dog for a little bit, but I think it quickly broke her brain. People pulling up, walking up the driveway, and then disappearing. She's just sleeping through the loud hammering now.

It's a good one. I promise.
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On @MacVoices #20260: MacVoices Holiday Gift Guide #1 (1) w/ @ttscoff (Brett Terpstra) @daveg65 (David Ginsburg) @verso (Kelly Guimont)

Disappearing tweets are going to cause a bubble in the screenshot app market.

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Hazel 5 is finally here! Since it is a paid upgrade, you will need to download from and install manually. Release notes:

Looking to make CBD soda with my Sodastream. Any recommendations for a good soluble CBD additive? I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for…

Based on what I'm hearing, the entire peck of peppers was pickled at the time of picking. This leads to legitimate questions about soil acidity and possible excess salinity of the water supply. We need to hold our elected officials responsible.

Lieutenant Commander Data and contractions… can't, or won't?

I've continued aging mostly for professional reasons.

@mdhughes wkhtmltopdf stopped working for me with Catalina. As did wkpdf.

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