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Lately on the blog: tm: wrapper for tmux, redux (with Fish tab completion)

The only correct take here is that this machine is not for you. It’s ridiculously overpowered for your needs. Even the one you can afford is overpowered for your needs. The user who needs this can justify the price.

I did not realize this was a setting. This explains random cursor size changes correlating with the amount of coffee I've consumed.

The easymotion vim plugin is seriously genius.

Vim pros definitely already know this, but for us dabblers:

I assume you are actually 2 or more toddlers stacked up inside of a trench coat, pretending to be one adult. You are not alone.

I have now implemented approximately 2% of all parseable microformat markup classes.

I'm coming for you .

I just absent-mindedly piped to pbpaste in an SSH session to a local mini and macOS did some bonjour shit and instantly put it on my MBP clipboard. Sorcery.

So how's your weekend?

RT @agiletortoise
Already running the Drafts for Mac beta with action support? Here’s an example action to preview in @MarkedApp (Mac only).

Lately on the blog: Sponsor: MacUpdater - Effortlessly keep all your apps updated

I also accept PayPal.
Sending a PSA that @ttscoff is a gem of a human being.

Geeky Cyber Monday Savings from

This accidentally went out ahead of schedule yesterday, so the auto-tweet is messed up. But it's a really cool iTerm 2 trick, so I'll just tweet it manually. Like an animal.

Lately on the blog: Sponsor: Free yourself from digital surveillance with IVPN

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