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@hisaac unlike, say, Calendar, Notes, Photos, or Music, which get very unique google results :/

My Christmas present from was an awesome pair of knit mukluks to keep my feet warm this winter.

I have broken ribs on my right side and she has shingles on her right side and it’s just nice to do things as a couple now and then.

Lately on the blog: Sponsor: Get productive with TextExpander

Reminder: neurotypical behavior isn't good it's just common 👀

I get a real kick out of all these end of year/decade tweets inferring that the next one might be better.

Decade was shitty but I had a pretty good time. I’m easily amused. Three stars.

TFW your watch tells you to breathe but you cracked a couple ribs and it feels really passive aggressive.

Happy birthday, Patti Smith. Her rules for life should be memorized.

I've been lobbying on your behalf with the powers that be and I think you'll see a marked improvement in your day over the next few hours. No need to thank me, just keep up the good work.

And this one might be an "if you don't know then how the hell should I" thing, but why are my custom keybindings (DefaultKeyBinding.dict) only working in half of my apps on Catalina? I can not figure this one out.

Are Action Extensions for text working on Catalina for anyone else? Mine all get greyed out, including the shortcut to the preference pane (More…).

Indieweb upshot: Twitter/Mastodon conversations and reactions on my blog posts. Thanks to @evantravers for the start!

Hey. You can use code SANTA right now to get 10% off anything in The Lab shop… expires tomorrow!

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