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It's been such a mild winter that -20°F seems like a real travesty now.

Lately on the blog: Turn any website into a Mac app with Unite 4 [Sponsor]

I am SO tired of constantly identifying images with cars and boats and crosswalks in them. Aren't there machines that can do this for you?

A few thousand updates and only one truly pissed off customer since I changed the @MarkedApp icon.

Any Mac devs with experience adding exported type identifiers want to chat about some issues I'm having getting document icons to show up?

Attention Bunch fans: I'm looking for Beta testers for a big update. If you like Bunch, it's worth checking out the latest stuff:

@RoboftheVolcano we took almost two months making a very slow introduction. We rushed it with the last kitten and Yeti never did accept him.

I can't get over how well these two are getting along. Yeti is an awesome cat, but social he is not. I can't believe he lets Bod curl up with him and even chew on his neck now and then. A happy home!

NSWorkspace is fun. In contrast, writing AppleScript dictionaries for cocoa apps is decidedly not.

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Christina Warren of @ovrtrd fame (and sure, Rocket…) joins Brett for a crossover episode this week!

Yet another cover image that will go largely unappreciated. Labor of love.
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Brett hasn’t slept for over 24 hours and still pulls off a mostly coherent conversation like a got dam Overtired professional. Christina makes it work like a boss. Don't call us heroes, we're just doing our job.

Finn used to love yoga, and I really miss that, but I can appreciate Bod’s more relaxed approach to class.

Huh. I don't think I've ever used the right control key before. Turns out to be really handy for hitting ^`, which is an inconvenient contortion with just the left hand.

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