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Bod helping @newman.elle with her knitting. Bod often cuts the yarn Elle is pulling, so this, by comparison, actually IS helpful.

Valentine's pizza with caramelized onions, roasted garlic and red pepper, sauteed Ginger mushrooms, mozzarella and parmesan. Love is in the air.

Bod got spayed. Sore, tired kitty, but she seems less upset about it than I would be.

Rewrote the keystroke functionality in the Bunch beta with some kind assistance from Andreas, the BetterTouchTool dev. I can now send a message in MailMate with one line in a Bunch file so fast you can barely see it. You could be helping test!

@hjertnes maybe I'll invite you to our Slack and you can pester Fletcher with me.

Hey @film_girl I couldn't sleep so I made a thing. Scroll to the footer.

I have way more GitHub stars than I thought. I should be rich.

Lately on the blog: Focus on what matters most with TextExpander

Lately on the blog: LinkChecker: a bookmarklet for web writers

RT @SystmCast
Great time catching up with the very funny @davidwain this week. No pandemic is going to get him down:

If you’re going to constantly complain about below-zero temps, you should just move, he says to himself as he puts on long underwear and a sweater.

Yeti is a messy eater, so bits of dry food fall to the kitten. Bod then makes a decision to either eat it, or bat it down to Lulu. Like trickle down economics, those at the bottom get screwed.

What’s the temp? Oh, it’s a degree. At least it’s more than the significantly fewer than no degrees it was this morning.

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