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Just 10 years ago I only had 10 projects available to download (I have over 100 now), and the boilerplate on the downloads page included the phrase "I am NOT a programmer." Memories.

I don't know who needs to hear this right now, but if you're sending a CGKeyboardEvent with a keycode for a F1-F12 key, you have to also include a kCGEventFlagMaskSecondaryFn flag, even though the key code is specifically for the fn key.

I like to interview famous people now and then, but I dedicate more bandwidth to finding new voices. It's part of the @SystmCast mission statement :)
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So I’m going to be interviewed on the biggest podcast I’ve ever been on by one of my favorite people. @ttscoff reached out to me and I’m pretty fucking dumbfounded as to why. But he’s interviewed @kjaymiller so I’m in good company

It's not depression, it's just an intense concern that these cats will get too cold if I leave the couch.

Having run out of things she could easily bat to the floor, she began contemplating flipping the whole table. She decided on a nap instead.

If anyone wants me to promote their hair products on Instagram I'm down.

I recommend this to anyone with a turntable and a sense of what's right in the world.
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@scottdot @ttscoff scott, this might interest you (and brett might remember it) - I'm finally pressing a chiptune version of PHM I released 9 years ago to vinyl

Given a lack of tracking data, FB has started offering me ads for sweatpant gun holsters and suggesting Jordan Peterson as a follow. Bold assumptions.

I've been using light themes in all my text editors and IDEs for over a year now and I don't think I'll ever go back to Twilight or Monokai. Not even Spacegray can tempt me back to the dark side.

I think that human stain just wanted to get out before anyone could take back his medal of freedom.

Bod watching intently as Yeti steals her food. Don't worry, there's enough for everybody.

Bod watching intently as Yeti steals her food. Don't worry, there's enough for everybody.

Is there a keyboard shortcut for focusing the filename field in a macOS save dialog? I always want ⌘L to do it…

Did just discover that ⌘= will toggle the detail view on and off, which is worth something.

@Haroldina "problems that can only be solved by double digit negative temperatures" is a pretty short list.

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