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Today is the last day students can save 50% on by! Act now or miss out!

I knew I'd find a use for the f-row of the set I bought for a 60% keyboard… ( Keybow)

The Mac Show is LIVE in 10 mins with & me

Does anyone else with an iPhone frequently have any and all call blockers just disable on their own?

And then it was a bit chilly for a while. (Temps with windchill, we have it better than some other areas.)

This truly is the most satisfying thing I've seen in a long time.
Compilation video of things that fit perfectly

My gratitude list includes a dependable furnace today.

To everyone in the midwest: you have my blessing to stay home and indoors for the next 3 days.

You don't get snow days when you work from home, but you get time off for efficient driveway plowing.

Talk about extremes… -30 to 46… that's 76° (which, coincidentally, is objectively the best temperature).

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