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SE Minnesota is basically just snow now. 7' really adds up.

Using Hook links in comments in my TaskPaper files and loving it:

Thank you! And also, thank you to my girlfriend who has worked so hard to understand my ADHD and work with me. She's the best.
1. I want to talk about ADHD. I was diagnosed with ADD when I was 13-years-old. To say it's misunderstood (both by people who have ADHD and people who don't have it) is an understatement. What people need to understand about those of us who have ADHD is we are not homogeneous

I accidentally archived this and I don't know how to undo it. So I'm posting again. Technology baffles me because I'm 40 now.

Instead of the usual "travel may be hazardous", today's storm warning opts for a concise "don't."

I think we can all agree there's such a thing as too much snow.

I don't want to rake the roof but somebody's should rake the roof and it's probably going to be me raking the roof.

New Hyper key via ⁦⁩

Can not stop watching Letterkenny. I could do an Overtired just about this. ?

Getting back into piano... baby steps, so obviously I'm playing Home Sweet Home — which is inextricably linked to in my mind ever since Hot Tub Time Machine. This one's for Rob.

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