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pbcopy to local clipboard from an SSH session. I still love this trick and use it so much I take it for granted:

I never realize how crazy I am about automation until I talk to other crazies. Great time with Sparky and Rosemary!

Our first round of speakers for have been announced! Get to know them at:

After a weekend of trying to port from WebView to WKWebView on Mac I'm ready to cry. It patches bugs I really need patched, but breaks about 50% of Marked's capabilities. For example, you can't print a WKWebView on Mac. Fuuuuuu.

If you dig the Mac app Autumn, consider helping out (or even maintaining) the recently open-sourced project:

Hey devs, it's time for the MacPaw Mac Market Survey again. The data collected here is always enlightening and helpful to every Mac dev, so take a minute to do it!

I've been having a week of missing my girl at least once a day. *sniff*
It's been a while since I showed off my pet lion.

Since I basically only hang out with hippies these days, happy equinox.

I will be binging Love Death and Robots at least twice more.

My latest art acquisition: 4 stunning prints.

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