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Karabiner Elements broke for some reason and now I don't know how to hit the escape key anymore.

Love those pants on you. Not everyone could pull those off. Not that everyone should be pulling your pants off.

I've quit a lot of things but please never ask me to give up coffee. Thank you for your cooperation.

I need this app Makaron as a plug-in for Affinity Photo. That is some excellent AI fore/background detection and isolation.

There are 2" snowflakes falling from the sky at the end of April in MN. I enjoyed the 70° temps earlier in the month, though.

I'm starting an agency representing people who give your screenplay realistic tech dialogue. Someone hacking into your character's server? For the right price, a list of actual and relevant initialisms you can use in the dialog and impress the nerds at the same time.

I dig this app Makaron. AI foreground/background detection and processing.

I'm a spelling/grammar pedant with ADHD and you should know that if you hand me something to read and it has errors I will be be mentally rewriting it and will probably not see its actual point. Sadly, this is also true when I'm being spoken to.

If Apple refuses to acknowledge that search/discovery on the App Stores isn't "fixed," they should at least let devs opt in to paying affiliate link fees out of their share of the profit… I was thinking in the shower yesterday.

Grant me the serenity to accept the internet outage I cannot change, the courage to do the housework I can instead, and the wisdom to not use up my data plan by tethering.

Although sometimes the unread badge on Spark gets stuck and it causes me consternation to no end.

Lest my last tweet cause any concern about my well being, I want you to know my beard is going really well. And it's 70° outside and I'm quite happy in general. Plus, new app on the way :D.

Not to brag but I've maintained Inbox Zero for almost a decade. And it's not for lack of emails… I'm just that good. I was kidding, I'm totally bragging.

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