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I love that using an NSAppleScript executeAndReturnError: within an app silently failed with "not authorized" in the console and no permissions dialogs… but running the same script with 'do shell script "osascript -e..."' got me exactly what I wanted.

I wish any of my experiences like this had ended in a $21k paycheck. Or, well, a paycheck.

Still a few months away from Macstock. Make sure to get your tickets and learn at the feet of @ttscoff

Can you get slack notifications from a GitHub repo not on master branch? Is it just me watching develop over here?

This is usually my spot when I work on the couch, but it's clearly been claimed. Back to the treadmill desk, I guess.

On #19137: Road to - (Brett Terpstra) On Developing A Writing Workflow

This is funny, because from an iPad user point of view, Marzipan makes it way less likely that we’ll get an iOS desktop, and will be stuck with everything the Mac does wrong instead of getting a clean break. From a Mac user point of view, it’s the end of the Mac, and iOS won

What the world needs right now is a new paintball episode of Community.

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