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Exploring the Houston, MN Nature Center with

Nature Center in Houston MN has a wonderful prairie walk. And a really cool "natural playground". With a stop if your in the area.

Every day I see things that make me thankful I got a vasectomy. But not your kids. Your kids are great.

Lizzo’s “Boys”, as Minnesota, a thread:

Finally. I wish someone had discovered this sooner.

I also found the debate boring. They spent almost no time talking about me.

I can only wish I had as much disposable income for frivolous office toys as Instagram thinks I do.

Any time I take a chance and it works out well, I think about the me in the branch universe where I made the other choice and how he's probably having a shit day now. Good luck, btALT.

You know what's a surprisingly good app? Bunch. I really like Bunch. I mean, not to brag, but that one came out pretty clever.

I did 54 sun salutations (half mala) on the grass by the Mississippi last night and I'm still tired. I don't know if I would have made it through the full 108…

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