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If a "Brett needs a new Mac" gofundme weren't so tacky, I'd probably do it. This MBP is running on fumes…

Turns out running an MBP without a battery causes the CPU to clock down to 1GHz. Which, for the record, sucks.

That is one sweet guy. Thanks Aaron :).

I woke up with GNR in my head (Nice Boys, specifically) and I don't know what that portends for my day.

That did NOT come out easy, but I didn't brick the machine. ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩

Somehow I made it through this whole conference without a picture of one of the people I was most excited to see, Anyone have one of us I could have?

And now we just need to seriously work on diversity. I'm going to nudge every woman, poc, and lgbtq person I know to pitch talks for next year to start making as truly inclusive as I believe it can be.

And just randomly disassembling Macs. As one does.

Shane,, Guy (still recognizable from the back, and

And obviously, among many other awesome folks, the man who makes it all happen, himself, Mike Potter.

And who is consistently delightful

Got to hang out with and

Someone asked if and I were brothers.

A lot of awesome happened at this weekend, but my real takeaway is that I finally met in person.

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