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My favorite 3D Touch gesture was the Find My Phone app icon… had a shortcut to play a sound on my GF's phone when she couldn't find it. That whole menu is gone in iOS 13 so I have a lot of regrets right now.

Why can't we all just get along and make Android and iOS PWAs use the same method for splash screens?

Hot off the press … MPU 496. Hacking the Keyboard with our buddy Brett Terpstra

I may have too dry a sense of humor. Sometimes even I wonder if I'm joking.
On @MacVoices #19203: @macstockexpo - @ttscoff (Brett Terpstra) On Writers' Block And Getting Around It

And in format, just to keep the hashtag alive, just barely grasping on to life with its clammy, cold fingers.

ColorSchemer Studio appears to be abandoned, and I've never found an app that lives up to it. 10 or so color palette apps for macOS right now and none quite as good… bummed.

Retrospective: rounded up all the links about Macstock 2019

Today's annoyance: you can't double click to select a word in Apple News on the Mac.

Every time I'm dumb enough to read the replies to drumpf tweets, the cognitive dissonance of supporters leaves my head reeling. I put down my phone and stare blankly out the window.

About a year ago I turned off all notifications, including badges, for FB, Twitter, and IG, and I'm glad I did it every day. Every. Single. Day.

Meanwhile, anyone need some ostensibly impossible scripting done for a fair price?

Also, I wish my siblings would hand computers down to _me_, rather than vice versa…

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