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Was going to post a picture of the t-shirt that came in the mail today …

I can't believe I'm already bored with my customized UHK keycaps. I gotta stay off of Massdrop and r/mechanicalkeyboards.

I need a tool to magically port all my bash stuff to fish.

Which is a completely nonsense sentence to "normal" people. Don't worry about it.

happy bisexual visibility to everyone out there doing the hard work of liking more than the bare minimum of people

My post-youth version of a speedball is mixing chamomile with black tea.

Or maybe… renaming the band with every album so every release is eponymous. I'll get back to you when I decide.

I'm naming my next band Eponymous and then never releasing an album titled Eponymous.

Sorry if I seem crabby and snippy but you're doing everything wrong.

I need the fall TV season to kick in. I can only feel ok about watching entire seasons of Veronica Mars and Star Trek up to a point…

Never considered that my weird user names would show up in things like my Nuzzel newsletter.

Lately on the blog: Tower presents Tech Animals, great merch, great charity

Yeti is still waking up, doesn’t realize it’s his birthday yet. Sweet 16, old enough to drive in MN.

Lately on the blog: Sponsor: Stop repeating yourself, let TextExpander do it for you

Macstock umbrella sure came in handy today, and it looks quite at home here.

This was a really fun chat. If ADHD is part of your life, check out their entire lineup!
What are you focusing on? @PeteWright & I did a great interview with @ttscoff about what focus & on choosing the right voices to listen to. Great episode! Listen here:

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