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If MIA and Atari Teenage Riot birthed a song, it would sound a lot like Champagne by K.Flay, today's Brett Terpstra song of the day. You're welcome.

Lately on the blog: Howzit: Remember how what you work on works

Is there a issue with Catalina affecting multiple accounts in the sidebar? After os update, clicking my profile icon no longer fans out my other accounts, but ⌘{/} still switches…

Someone just accused me of selling their email address and I’d like to make it clear that, aside from occasionally using cc instead of bcc, I have never ever given or sold anyone’s email to anyone and never will.

Lately on the blog: Sponsor: Work smarter and accomplish more with Pagico

Great thread to help you understand those of us with ADHD.
All right neurotypicals, you wanna know what having ADHD feels like?

Let’s talk about how hard it is to change your behavior, and what happens to self-esteem when you fail.

Lately on the blog: Branching out from Bash: Fishing expedition

Less than 24 hours left to get in on the drawing for a free copy of the MacSparky Shortcuts Field Guide!

Thanks to for reminding me to tweet. I'm kinda proud that that's a thing today, though. I forgot to tweet…

Lately on the blog: Unify your team's voice with TextExpander

Catalina hates zipped app downloads. But it's fine with DMGs as long as they're NOT codesigned. This is a ton of fun.

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