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The ligatures in JetBrains Mono are insanely cool, once you get used to them, by the way.

I mentioned JetBrains Mono in my last Web Excursions post. After a couple weeks of using it, I'm absolutely sold on it as my coding font of choice.

Finally some love for my clever D2Z4Mgf8Zqkbu2 subdomain.

Driving past the college in sub-freezing weather makes it clear that Game of Thrones set a dangerous precedent for being north of the wall without a hat.

Between Netflix, CBS, and Amazon, there's a decent amount of good sci fi on TV these days.

Version 5.0 is available now on with system dark mode, multiple window support, keyboard shortcuts, 8 new app icons, etc.

The Winona Ryder/SquareSpace commercial that was shot in my town went live but I find its representation of Winona unsatisfactory enough that I'm not linking it out of spite.

We actually have over 11,000 lakes, thank you very much.

The concept of mirror universe was just introduced into conversation by and it made perfect sense in context.

Facts: Kirk never said “beam me up, Scotty,” and gold shirts were statistically more likely to die than red shirts. Have a nice day.

Working on the next version of Taskmator app. Any user who want to send me their feedback to make the app better ( or to get their issue fixed) please join beta group by sending me your TestFlight ID via email

If anyone knows how this was done, I'd welcome insight: Img 1) a search result. Img 2 shows that the result title is a header within the page, and the summary is the graf _before_ said headline. The result is perfect, I just don't know how this was indexed...


Stop telling introverts how to survive social situations and start telling extroverts to calm the fuck down.


Lately on the blog: Sponsor: VirtualHostX Pro - One Mac. Many Websites.

If you're interested in speaking at Macstock, it's just before the deadline for pitches… I'd love for this year to be the most diverse lineup yet. Pitch!

Lately on the blog: Soundtrack - experiments with Spotify, Apple Music, and

Lately on the blog: Sponsor: Timing — Automatic Time Tracking for Mac

It's not often you see Winona Ryder in small town MN, even if she was born here.

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