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Ooh, Workona is now available for Firefox. One of the few things keeping me tied to Chrome…

Me: When is that toilet attachment supposed to arrive? Any bidet now.

Lately on the blog: Sponsor: Productivity explosion with The Archive

You can ask me again in two weeks, but as of today there's nobody I'd rather be stuck with in isolation.

I feel bad for everyone who doesn't have a live-in yoga instructor right now.

Sure, put on pants. Don't work in bed. Unless you actually work better without pants. You won't know if you don't try. And anyone who tells you not to take walks outside when nobody's actually stopping you, fuck them. Do something you can't normally do, it feels really good.

I don't mind everyone posting their advice for working from home, but most of it is wrong for many people and—for some asinine reason—is posted as gospel that works for everyone. It doesn't. Nothing does. You'll figure it out, just give it a few days.

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Once upon a time at AOL someone forgot to set MeetingPlace to mute outgoing beeps. During an all-hands. Hundreds of beeps later, was inspired to make this. Voice at the end is Welcome to working at home.

Among the surprising amount of good news I got today, let me know that the Mac beta of added support for streaming preview!

It’s just so nice that no one asks me why I’m not going out anymore.

The biggest pitfall for companies when implementing work-from-home is how obvious it becomes that most of their meetings could have been e-mails or text messages.

We're sorry, but despite demand we're going to be unable to add CarPlay support to the initial release of nvUltra. Hopefully as resources become available in the future...

If you’re newly working from home you may discover that it’s shockingly easy to get the same amount of work done in 1/4 the time. If this happens to you, you’re a remote worker from here on out. Hope your company is cool with it.

My girl doesn’t go in for all this toilet paper hoarding. My girl ordered a bidet. So smart.

I’m leaving the house as little as possible. So, business as usual.

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