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Spinal Tap audio under Trump is 😂👌🏼

You think the whole virus thing has aged *you*? When this whole thing started, @DanVPeterson was in his 30s. (Happy birthday, Dan!)

Spotify made me my weekly hip hop playlist and put Jim Gaffigan in the middle of it. No further questions.

A self-aggrandizing, naked cash grab (a lot of people are saying). But maybe you want one anyway.

I think clever thoughts no more than twice a day, but I tweet, on average, four times per day.

Hulu is showing me Trump campaign commercials and I might be ready to pay for commercial-free. Or do the whole watch-on-the-web-so-I-can-rate-ads thing …

Lately on the blog: PDFpen 12 adds even more features [Sponsor]

Spent some time tracking down that one photo Instagram shows you before it loads everything else because I wanted to give it a like. Turns out it wasn’t as good as I thought it was in that 2-second window. Technology.

I have, with zero warning, begun using “mondo” in casual conversation, and yes, it bothers me, too. I have no explanation.

If I want to exercise my rights via peaceful protest, should I bring my…

The hallmark of tyranny is stern lectures. You're not even my real dad.
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Dropped by a department store to buy a toaster oven. Mandatory hand sanitizer squirt and mask. One way aisles and if you deviate from the approved zone for customers - they sternly lecture you. The country as we know it has been destroyed. And I still don’t have a toaster.

Given the, you know, pandemic, I move that all "placebo" buttons at crosswalks, on elevators, and throughout the world be removed. Unnecessary surfaces invite unnecessary touching.

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