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Podcast folder: nvultra toggle, quip, start and toggle audio hijack recording with elapsed time, and insert elapsed timestamp in show notes.

Finn looks forward to yoga every day. He loves my mat. Thus, you get a bunch of pictures of Finnegan on my yoga mat.

You don’t get to be a demanding asshole about someone else’s free project. You’re always free to build your own version of it if it doesn’t suit your tastes.

If I wasn’t certain it would put me on some list I don’t want to be on, I would love to take out some aggression via verbal abuse of these political bots in my sms.

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Taylor gets a theme park and Brett maybe goes vegetarian. It's basically non-stop action:

I'm suddenly in possession of a Stream Deck Mini and a Komplete 6 and Boss GT-100 just showed up and I'm worried about my time management. I have other things to do, universe.

Two replacements in one day, neither voluntary. How's your week going?

If you don’t send us $5 right now we’ll lose our political race. Oh, never mind, forgot about our dark money. Were good.

We’ve entered what appears to be the Borg nursery.

I say things like "dude" and "sweet" a lot which dates me as Gen X even though most of the younger people who would notice don't know what Gen X is. Don't "ok boomer" me, boomers say "man," not "dude." "Ok Xer" is acceptable.

You know that thing where you can clearly see that the solution in front of you is superior to the one you hacked together but you're so impressed with your own hackery that it's hard to let it go? I'm having trouble letting go.

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I got a chance to catch up with @mikeschramm, who was Systematic's very first guest over 8 years ago. A lot has changed since then!

I'm playing with Descript's Overdub voices and it's downright scary. Like scary good. Deep Fakes for podcasters…

That’s nothing. I pass the Turing test over 50% of the time.

If you’ve been craving a deep dive into music rights and how they affect reruns of Dawson’s Creek, I have just the thing.
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Episode 202 wants you to listen to it.

Is everyone else seeing an Amazon sale on UPS surge protectors today, or did Alexa tell someone that one of mine just died?

I don't know how your day is going, but I just got an MAS app update through review and live in around 30 minutes.

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