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Can you imagine Melania pulling off an Edith Wilson? I think not.

Remember when Australia caught fire? That's how 2020 began.

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In today's episode I mistakenly implied that Walton Goggins was in Eastbound and Down. He was in Vice Principles with Danny McBride… who was in Eastbound and Down. I feel better now that we've cleared that up.

How the hell do you not know how to use the proxy icon? You people deserve to have it taken away.

I’m glad they cut the murder hornet plot arc off. We didn’t really have time to develop it this season.

People wearing uniform red hats calling face masks the mark of the beast with no hint of irony.

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I never thought of it this way! 😭

Direct mailers think I'm retired, on Medicare, and apparently Catholic. Privacy win?

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Having COVID was the worst experience of my life. Every moment was just the most appalling suffering and pain, fighting for breath, doubled over coughing. Please exhibit a moment of human empathy and imagine how much he may be suffering, because it fucking rules

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On @MacVoices #20226: MacVoices Live! with @ttscoff (Brett Terpstra) (1) and @daveg65 (David Ginsburg) and @addliberator (Brittany Smith)

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The latest In Touch With iOS @daveg65 is joined by guest co-host Guy Serle @Macparrot and our special guest Brett Terpstra @ttscoff We talk about iText Editors and note apps Dave reviews the @sketchboardpro for iPad and battery drain tips and more.

I'm just saying that I think death by covid might prevent impending violence, but I'm not sure anything will at this point.

Remember albums? I still expect Head Like a Hole to morph into Terrible Lie every time it ends.

I can't notarize a beta build because I have to accept updated agreements but I can't accept updated agreements because the App Store Connect just spins loading it. Ugh.

And while I'm grumpy-old-man ranting, why is it so hard to get the original link to a story instead of an Apple News URL? It's like they _want_ me to use an RSS reader instead of this travesty.

What's especially frustrating about Apple News on Mac lacking ⌘C is that the edit menu highlights as if you copied something, but it has no effect on the clipboard. You don't realize you can't copy until you try to paste it somewhere. Asinine.

At least the Holiday Special was able to avoid supporting white supremacy.
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That debate was the worst thing I've ever seen & I was in The Star Wars Holiday Special.

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