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Publicly declaring my intention to become a Parler troll.

Dear everybody, all of my sites are down and I'm working on it. This affects, Marked 2, nvUltra, Overtired, Systematic, and probably some I'm forgetting I even have.

I start my job at Google Total Landscaping tomorrow.

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Never one to waste things, here's some handy advice from national treasure Amy Sedaris!

My money says the Donald Trump library is basically just porn magazines with a few books of Hitler's speeches sprinkled in.

Remember 4 years ago when they told us “you lost, deal with it, snowflakes”? There’s a certain snowflake who really needs to hear that right now.

Despite my feelings on the continuing state of things, it does feel really good to say goodbye and fuck you very much to @realDonaldTrump

Cool, now we can wait 'til January to know how the Senate turns out…

The 5pm lighting last night was surreal. With the the twilight and warm temp it felt like a waking dream.

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Today, I re-up this greatness. I will bask in the glory of this video for the rest of my life.

I never would have thought HW would be an example of presidenting I’d have to refer to.
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This is how the last one-term president conceded:

“File uploads have been disabled for this form” 😂. Anyone have a war dialer?
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Report voter fraud here👇


📞: 1-888-630-1776

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I’m automatically attracted to mail-in ballots — I just start counting them, it’s like a Democracy. Just count. I don’t even wait. And when it’s an election, they let you do it. You can do anything.

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Join Brett and @verso for adventures in tech support and Star Wars themed fiber arts.

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