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@realDonaldTrump Wait a minute..

Oh I get it. Law and Order wasn't about white people.

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If it’s not necessary for police to use teargas against the fascists storming the Capitol right now, it’s not necessary in any circumstance.

Ok, @getSendy absolutely rocks for large email lists. Takes a tiny bit of server smarts to set up, but the interface is top notch, with subscribe forms, list management, tracking… and 10,000 emails for $1. ONE DOLLAR.

Thanks to @clickontyler for the tip!

Early studies show COVID-19 can't be spread through astral projection. Just something to consider before your *next* family gathering.

Bod watching her favorite show. She's still in isolation right now while the cats adjust, so we bring the Netflix (well, Peacock now) to her.

I’m just gonna say it: not impressed with 2021 so far.

Happy Chilean New Year. I stayed up til midnight in Santiago!

The mailing list for nvUltra has given big enough that I can’t afford to use it via Mailchimp. Time to get serious about finding a viable alternative …

100 Mac nerd indie cred points if you can identify that shirt from the edge that’s showing.

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