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Lately on the blog: Focus on what matters most with TextExpander

Lately on the blog: LinkChecker: a bookmarklet for web writers

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Great time catching up with the very funny @davidwain this week. No pandemic is going to get him down:

If you’re going to constantly complain about below-zero temps, you should just move, he says to himself as he puts on long underwear and a sweater.

Yeti is a messy eater, so bits of dry food fall to the kitten. Bod then makes a decision to either eat it, or bat it down to Lulu. Like trickle down economics, those at the bottom get screwed.

What’s the temp? Oh, it’s a degree. At least it’s more than the significantly fewer than no degrees it was this morning.

It's been such a mild winter that -20°F seems like a real travesty now.

Lately on the blog: Turn any website into a Mac app with Unite 4 [Sponsor]

I am SO tired of constantly identifying images with cars and boats and crosswalks in them. Aren't there machines that can do this for you?

A few thousand updates and only one truly pissed off customer since I changed the @MarkedApp icon.

Any Mac devs with experience adding exported type identifiers want to chat about some issues I'm having getting document icons to show up?

Attention Bunch fans: I'm looking for Beta testers for a big update. If you like Bunch, it's worth checking out the latest stuff:

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