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Lately on the blog: A Service to make Objective-C "description" methods easier

30 tiny screwdrivers for every 1 power tool I own. I have 50 USB cables in 8 formats for every 3-prong extension cord. I have more spudgers than pliers. I have 3 T0 drivers but only one hole saw. And the hole saw is the right size for flush-mounting a Qi charger in your desk.

Lately on the blog: Work smarter not harder with TextExpander

I'm loving this version of Bunch with the full keyboard control and shell script monitors that understand ANSI colors. You don't have this version yet, but I really should get it out before the changelog chokes me.

Happy Gotcha Day, Lulu Bell The Bandit Queen. May you one day be every bit as big as you think you are.

I was just thinking yesterday how someone should make a univeral ⌘⇧P palette for Mac apps that could quick-launch any menu item with fuzzy typeahead matching. Opened Setapp today to figure out what happened to Flume and boom, Paletro.

Bod has created a sniper's nest for sneak attacks on Yeti's tail. This is why we can't have nice things (but who needs nice things when you have cats, really?)

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I caught up with an old friend this week: The Thing About Poker with @superpixels

Lately on the blog: Open Zoom links in Zoom (and why Choosy is the best default browser)

Just 10 years ago I only had 10 projects available to download (I have over 100 now), and the boilerplate on the downloads page included the phrase "I am NOT a programmer." Memories.

I don't know who needs to hear this right now, but if you're sending a CGKeyboardEvent with a keycode for a F1-F12 key, you have to also include a kCGEventFlagMaskSecondaryFn flag, even though the key code is specifically for the fn key.

I like to interview famous people now and then, but I dedicate more bandwidth to finding new voices. It's part of the @SystmCast mission statement :)
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So I’m going to be interviewed on the biggest podcast I’ve ever been on by one of my favorite people. @ttscoff reached out to me and I’m pretty fucking dumbfounded as to why. But he’s interviewed @kjaymiller so I’m in good company

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