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Great chat with @tiffanywhitedev this week about mental health in tech, cameras, drones, and more.

Had a great time chatting with @trishussey on his podcast "My Ink Stained Fingers." We talked about why I write apps for writers, the joys of Marked 2, and the past, present, and future of nvUltra.

So it's not so secret after all. If you like TextBuddy and you like macOS Services, check this out, under the header "Secret Unannounced Hidden Feature..."
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@ttscoff First rule of Secret Preferences Club is you don't talk about Secret Preferences Club (which is definitely not documented with screen recordings here )

I don't know if I'm allowed to talk about it, but there's a secret @TextBuddyApp setting that lets it pick up your custom macOS Services and makes them available with all of its other tricks. SearchLink + TextBuddy!

Lately on the blog: Beat your your text into submission with TextBuddy [Sponsor]

Bod has taken to sleeping with her head right up against my nose and mouth. I think she likes the warmth. It makes conversation difficult.

I just realized my neck was hurting and then realized I'd been sitting in a very uncomfortable position because I didn't want to make a sleeping cat move. Like she would actually care. She would just go back to sleep. Yet I'm still sitting like this.

After 30 minutes of hand nibbling and toe tickling, this is how Bod settled on yoga participation for the morning.

… he tweets while watching The Last Blockbuster.

X was already a small generation. Now I'm part of an even smaller generation?

I just found out I'm not Gen-X. I'm a Xennial. Gen Catalono. AKA The Oregon Trail Generation.

If I have my iPad on the floor (Zoom yoga), our kitten (Bod) is surprisingly good at switching apps, unmuting mics, and ending calls. Basically a zoom pro at this point.

I got a DevRel position with Oracle. How was your day?

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