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The last time @patrickrhone was on (#180, Everything Exploded, 2016) things were dark, personally and globally. While the world hasn't really gotten any better, we were able to find more hope and love this time:

By the way, my background check came back "Meets company standards" on all counts. Not sure why I was worried. I also get scared when I see cops even when I'm white.

Now that I have a day job do I have to get an Oculus? Because of the disposable income, I mean, not the need for escapism or anything like that.

My symptoms after my second shot were significantly less than after the first one (Pfizer). Do with that what you will.

I’ll be upgrading my Apple TV just for the remote. It’s about time.

I’m taking my leave on Risa. Don’t forward my mail.

And also make me a target for hourly “guest post” spam, apparently.

Those web traffic estimation sites give me way too much credit.

Lately on the blog: Add form and function to your new tabs with A Fine Start [Sponsor]

It's official, I received and accepted an offer from Oracle to join the DevRel team!

Among the things I spend time on that nobody will likely notice, I wrote a Rouge lexer for Bunch Files (and a Jekyll plugin to load it). Not complete (yet), but pretty solid :D.

Things that got piled up while organizing the rest of the office are officially furniture now. I'll be honest, the pile has been there long enough that I'm glad it's become useful.

The industrial phase of my hair. Gettin' all Chemlab and RevCo. In the woods, for some reason.

Lately on the blog: Fixing the Big Sur proxy icon delay globally

The trick to restoring a keyboard shortcut for Compress in Finder was to use "File->Compress" as the menu title. Fully functional again!
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@ttscoff Some of my shortcuts stopped working to. Got them back in their place by being very specific. Edit->Compress

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