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Mesh wi-fi recommendations? Looking at Eero vs Linksys but I really have no idea what I'm comparing…

Lately on the blog: Hacking around with Marked's Streaming Preview

I do not remember this phase of my hair, but apparently a barber believed a side part was not only the correct choice, but that it should be accentuated.

From the there’s-a-nontrivial-chance-I’m-drunk-at-any-given-time hair phase. My product of choice at the time was Murray’s Pomade in the orange can.

The balding-but-not-quite-ready-to-just-shave-it phase of my hair. Thank you everyone for the outpouring of support as I deal with the emotions surrounding follicular decisions and events throughout my life.

I should build a thing into SearchLink that attempts to track just how much time it saves me. I bet it would be almost as much as TextExpander does…

RT @SystmCast
The last time @patrickrhone was on (#180, Everything Exploded, 2016) things were dark, personally and globally. While the world hasn't really gotten any better, we were able to find more hope and love this time:

By the way, my background check came back "Meets company standards" on all counts. Not sure why I was worried. I also get scared when I see cops even when I'm white.

Now that I have a day job do I have to get an Oculus? Because of the disposable income, I mean, not the need for escapism or anything like that.

My symptoms after my second shot were significantly less than after the first one (Pfizer). Do with that what you will.

I’ll be upgrading my Apple TV just for the remote. It’s about time.

I’m taking my leave on Risa. Don’t forward my mail.

And also make me a target for hourly “guest post” spam, apparently.

Those web traffic estimation sites give me way too much credit.

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