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Just noticed this week that dimming hidden apps in the Dock seems to no longer work with Big Sur. Bummer.

Lately on the blog: Get files from Mac to iOS faster with WALTR PRO (+Giveaway)

Instead of cleaning my office I got a $70 green screen. My office looks amazing now, as far as anyone on Zoom is concerned.

(I got this one: , fits right on my chair, no stand required. H/t @marinaepelman )

I do legacy OS testing via Parallels, but apparently with an M1 chip I can't virtualize anything before Big Sur? Is this accurate?

I don't want a Magic Keyboard, but I would love a Magic Trackpad with Touch ID. Or a standalone Touch Bar I could put next to my Stream Deck. I would dig that.

RT @IaaSgeek
ANNOUNCEMENT: Arm for ! We made it! Come and try our new service. We give 4 oCPU and 24GB of RAM for ***FREE, FOREVER!*** Where can you find a better place to run ?

Lately on the blog: Improvements for the Increment Templated Service (+PopClip)

I use Firefox 95% of the time, and I'm very happy to see this happening:

(It looks more thought-out than the current UI. And yes, you could argue they're taking cues from Apple/Safari, but I don't blame them.)

Lately on the blog: Embrace the hyperlink with A Fine Start [Sponsor]

She never closes her eyes during the opening meditation. She probably gets that from me.

Instagram is uncomfortably good at advertising to me. I had a bean-based sausage cooked in a fancy pan and NA APA for lunch, all from Instagram ads. Now snacking on mushroom jerky, also from an ad. Which makes me question why they've gone all in on hair product ads now.

At my new job I've been asked to write everything in Markdown.

Lately on the blog: Some updates for howzit, Markdown notes for your projects

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